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Greek Elections

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Greek Elections: nothing matters  much and very little matters at all* by John Faraclas

 The European Union and the world at large are faced with oxymoron dilemmas following the French election, and the inconclusive Greek one on the course and state of events in Greece, affecting them too to a large extend!  Meantime the local elections in UK produced another headache for the coalition, Putin was sworn in and the US election is not too far away… Many more elections are due to come which might create a stalemate, the world stage is very crowdy, the problems – due to political and unethical stubbornness almost unsolvable and wonder where is Deus ex machina** to give an end to our troubles as they are not far away, to paraphrase the Beatles classic hit “Yesterday”!

Obviously the classic solution here is “similia similibus curantour” (freely translated: likes are cured by likes) and this is what the press should look for. The way the news is coming out from the world’s press apathy will create very soon an explosion in our society with incalculable repercussions.

This medium has expressly made references to the sins and crimes committed in Greece and or against Greece, as soon as it come up in the web, and specific articles such as “Greece: should the shit hit the fan”, or “Ship-shape: the buzz word to save Greece et al” and “In defence of seafaring”, to name but a few, have been written well in advance this inconclusive election, as well as the writer has long ago predicted of what is to come – actually you haven’t seen anything yet…, in previous speeches, articles and debates.

As the world was shaped by John F. Kennedy’s maxim “Never fear to negotiate” and as I have had the joy to be a ship’s sales and purchase broker, I am just putting it to canvas that with my then partners back in the ‘80’s we materialised JFK’s maxim winning one of the most important legal shipbroking cases in the world, which created headlines, against not the odds, but against the under duress environment created by those wrongly in business shipbroking power. Having said that, why the EU and Germany are “separately” appearing together via the press urging Greece to keep its pre-election “obligations”? Wasn’t that an under duress manipulated situation? It was, it is and the truth must shine. Equally on the issue on “who has entered the Greek Parliament’s door-matt” every one should be accepted. After all, once you don’t ban a party, you should let it be… Some people, politicians in particular, wish to have in their CV the “trophy” of becoming prime ministers in Greece, irrespective if this lasts overnight!

Last but not least proportional representation should forthwith come into force and the EU, the IMF and Germany in particular should accept in public that they were fuly aware of what was happing in Greece over the last ten years, not to mention the last forty with respect borrowing; fairs fair! Rumours have it that the Independent Greeks and Syriza will alter soon the Greek political spectrum with whatever this entails.

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet!” Can you interpret this for the Europeans and the Greek politicians prior Sunday’s election?

For the shipping industry, Pasok’s to and fro in two and a half years mickey-moussing on the issue of reinstating the Ministry of Mercantile Marine and the future of the Hellenic Coast Guard, was seen as petty party politics and it’s a shameful event tainting Vangelis Venizelos’ image; needless to say the party’s behaviour towards the seafarers reducing their pensions; enough!

I wouldn’t go any further, but just refreshing your memory, how do you interpret Aristotle’s Dictum “One should always prefer the probable impossible to the improbable possible” vis-à-vis the Greek election/future?

For your info the share of the vote stands as follows with almost 98 centum of the vote counted:

Party Share Seats
New Democracy 18.85%  108
Syriza 16.78%  52
Pasok 13.18%  41
Independent Greeks 10.6%  33
KKE (Communist) 8.48%  26
Golden Dawn 6.97%  21
Democratic Left 6.1%  19
Turnout 65.09%

The Greek Parliament has 300 seats. New Democracy and Pasok signed the famous infamous bail-out agreement and their MP’s voted for, save the Kamenos’ clan who left the party and founded the Independent Greeks, obtaining ten plus centum of the vote. New Democracy had a 33 centum of the vote in the 2009 election and PASOK a 44 centum one…

* Aristotle

** and who can become now…

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