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HELMEPA members participate in beach clean-ups around Attica and Viotia

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Staff of Medcare Shipping at Kavouri beach

Engaging in the motto of the month of voluntary action for the marine environment, “Let’s clean our beaches, record and recycle litter!”, staff of member-companies of the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association – HELMEPA together with young members of HELMEPA Junior, descended on the beaches of Attica and Viotia to clear them of their trash.On Friday, 28th September, HELMEPA company-member Administration and Management Thisvi Biotia Industrial Area S.A.(DIA.VI.PE.THI.V. S.A) and students and teachers from the Primary Schools of Domvraina, Ellopia, Ksironomi and Prodromos cleaned the beaches of Aliki, Agios Nikolaos and Saranti in Viotia.

Staff of Danaos Shipping and their families at Varkiza beach

On Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September, staff of HELMEPA member-companies Medcare Shipping and Danaos Shipping together with their families, participated in voluntary clean-ups at Kavouri Beach and Varkiza, respectively.Executives and staff of Lamda Flisvos Marina S.A., a HELMEPA Corporate member, together with 50 children-members of HELMEPA Junior and their teachers from the Agioi Theodoroi Primary School, cleaned the local beach of its litter on Wednesday, 3rd October.

DIA.VI.PE. THI.V staff and schoolchildren at Alyki beach

Today, Friday 5th October, saw the close of the week-long member-company voluntary activity, with the clean-up at Anavissos beach by member-company JTI Hellas. For the sixth consecutive year this past summer, JTI Hellas implemented their “Clean beaches without cigarette ends” awareness campaign, in cooperation with HELMEPA.

Across all these clean-ups, which were coordinated by HELMEPA, a total of 120 large bags of garbage were collected, while all recyclable materials were sorted by the volunteers and were transported to the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation’s (HE.R.R.Co’s) recycling plant.

Staff of Lamda Marina Flisvos and Schoolchildren at Ag. Theodoroi beach

HELMEPA warmly congratulates all those participants for demonstrating their voluntary spirit so wholeheartedly and its member-companies for once again expressing the notion of social responsibility through action.

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