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SIBCON 2012 Singapore International Bunkering Conference October 16-19

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Jean-Herve Jenn

Inatech launches new Marine Solutions Unit to provide game-changing technology that transforms the buying and selling of marine fuel  

New BunkerTECH Shipping Solution and BunkerTECH Bunkering Solution from Inatech provides real-time fuel and bunker procurement solutions with an intelligent approach that streamlines the buying and selling process, reduces costs and enhances performance  

October 15 2012* – Inatech, the global software and IT services company, is at SIBCON 2012 to launch its new Marine Solutions Unit that offers ‘game-changing’ real-time management solutions for bunker operations. Two principle solutions are on show: BunkerTECH Shipping Solution, developed to help shipping companies enhance their procurement process, reduce fuel costs and effectively manage risk and BunkerTECH Bunkering Solution, developed to help bunker fuel suppliers and traders to minimize risk, enhance blending operations and sustain their competitive edge.

Both solutions will be offered ‘in the cloud’ on a software as a service basis, hosted on a customer’s own network or on premise at the customers site, and are easy to integrate (and scale) with other standard shipping and bunkering technology management systems.

BunkerTECH Shipping Solution The BunkerTECH Shipping Solution is a feature-rich, cost-efficient, integrated solution designed specifically to address the bunker procurement needs of modern shipping companies. Developed to integrate easily with 3rd party applications, it provides sophisticated analytical tools and efficient processes for key functions, including bunker procurement, claims management, risk management and accounting.

Bunker procurement is central to shipping operations. In fact, the industry spends over $150 billion in fuel costs per year, which represents up to 60 per cent of the total cost of shipping companies’ operations. Large fleets spend several billion dollars a year on bunker buying, so the opportunity to save a fraction of one per cent by implementing the BunkerTECH Shipping Solution can add millions of dollars directly to their bottom line.

In the absence of an end to end, integrated software system shipping companies can face a number of issues such as: vessels bunkering in ports where fuel prices are high even though alternative ports are holding lower prices; under utilization of vessel capacity; late receipt by traders for bunker requests to procure fuel; bunkering more fuel than required for the round trip.

The BunkerTECH Shipping Solution is designed to help shipping companies avoid these costly errors by providing a fully integrated software solution capable of efficiently handling key processes and providing decision support via real-time data and analysis tools.

BunkerTECH Bunkering Solution Drawing on Inatech’s deep knowledge and experience of the bunker market, BunkerTECH Bunkering Solution is a fully integrated, end-to-end solution for managing all essential aspects of bunker trading, from risk control and procurement to operations, inventory and sales.

The BunkerTECH Bunkering Solution has been developed to meet the needs of all business models, including brokers and traders (through back to back RFQs/spot), suppliers with inventory buying under Term Contract, and bulk suppliers, matching bulk purchases with sales. It affords operators a 360-degree view of their businesses and performance in real-time.

The BunkerTECH Bunkering Solution has the capabilities to perform ‘what-if?’ analysis with different market scenarios to improve hedge effectiveness and ensure optimized, low-cost blending and tank planning. The integrated inventory management module provides a real-time view on the cost of in-tank and in-transit inventory. The trading and risk management module uses real-time inventory information to provide a comprehensive view of the market, risk exposures and the profit and loss implications of decisions.

‘Bunkering costs are easily the largest single big-ticket item in shipping operations. So anything that can improve operational efficiency and reduce the cost of bunkering has major game-changing potential at a time when the shipping industry is under severe price competition’ says Jean-Herve Jenn, CEO of Inatech. ‘Our fully integrated end to end solutions are tried and tested and are already producing significant benefits for major customers. Now, with the launch of Inatech’s Marine Solutions Unit, we are able to roll out these solutions across the global shipping and bunkering industries.’

About Inatech  

Inatech (www.inatech.com <http://www.inatech.com> ) Inatech supports leading companies globally through consulting, ERP implementation and marine solutions. Inatech’s modular portfolio of software products complements its vast experience of successfully managing Oracle and Microsoft Implementations. Clients benefit from an international delivery model that promotes the competitive edge needed to thrive in today’s dynamic markets.

* received overnight 15 to 16 October

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