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Greek Shipping pays more tax in cash and kind than any other shipping group in the world!

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas’ latest interview with SBC TV’s Panos Thomakos last Friday 19 October 2012, focused  80 centum on the tax contribution of the Greek Shipping companies towards Greece’s national tax coffers, offshore investments of any kind, social and sports donations et al!

Greece has opted for the tonnage tax “model” and so far all is being done more than well, so any discussion and criticism  from wherever same emanates is simply at best jealousy! Unions and the lefty loony in Greece should stop forthwith as this is a gross betrayal; as for those international criticisms, those who spill them around, they better see their own skeletons in their cupboard.

Lastly, let it be known that the foundation of the present tax regime vis-à-vis shipping companies owning ships, the registration of a vessel is done pursuant to the terms of Article 13 of LD 2687/53 “for investments and protection of foreign capital.” A bit further, Law 89/67 and Law 29/75 and a couple of other laws created a suitable environment,  competitive and enough just with other nations’ similar tax legislation. End of the story.-

The current situation of the volatile shipping freight market for the 2000 to 2012 period was discussed, particularly the ups and downs of the BDI and the state of international trade, the ports issues in Greece with Kavalla being the spearhead port for Greece and its northern periphery and same must be developed in its entirety to all intents and purposes.

Coastal shipping too and the Cruise industry  where the themes also discussed and the interview ended with the wish that the Europeans should pay off the “Greek debt”  (as in his view they very well knew all along but continued to lend for other reasons, an issue Faraclas has numerous times has expressed).

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) started from Greek Shipping and that’s a fact. On the 31st of October Capital Link’s CSR 2nd Annual Shipping & Offshore CSR Forum: “Luxury or Necesity?” is on in London and hope to hear this interesting Greek Shipping CSR account…

Again will wait to have the full transcript in English, but in the meantime here one can click and listen to the Greek version live:

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