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Introducing T&T Salvage, LLC New Logo and Name – Same Great People and Service

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October 31, 2012  OVERNIGHT- We are pleased to announce that T&T Salvage, LLC is the new name of T&T BISSO. The change follows the Teichman Group’s acquisition of BISSO MARINE’s fifty percent share of T&T BISSO, LLC. The acquisition brings the renamed company fully under the umbrella of the Teichman Group of companies. At the same time the groups operation based in Singapore will be renamed T&T Salvage Asia, Pte Ltd.

As T&T Salvage, our team will be part of a cohesive Group, solely focused on the emergency needs of the maritime and energy industries. T&T Salvage operates one of the most extensive response networks in the world. Pre-Positioned throughout the United States, its territories and Singapore, Rotterdam, and Peru, the Teichman Group of companies own and maintain a comprehensive inventory of state of the art fast response firefighting systems, inert gas generators, nitrogen generators, high capacity dewatering pumps, ship-to-ship (STS) lightering systems, three-dimensional sonar, ROVs, and diving systems. The equipment is packaged so it can be rapidly transported by air, land or sea. Also available is a substantial heavy lift and wreck removal capacity, coupled with an extensive array of salvage vessels and salvage support equipment.

The Group’s OPA 90 services include oil spill response, firefighting and hazmat response, and of course salvage and wreck removal operations.

DeeAnn McMillen, Director, Vessel Services, emphasizes that “The entire Vessel Response Services team at T&T Salvage is working to ensure that our clients’ OPA 90 SMFF [Salvage and Marine Firefighting] coverage transitions seamlessly. There will be no interruptions for our clients, who in fact may not even notice the change, though hopefully they will notice our new logo!”

The team of skilled professionals will remain intact and committed to providing top quality services to its clientele, worldwide. With more than 600 professionals on call, T&T Salvage is a collection of world renowned Salvage Masters, Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, Diving experts, Firefighting experts, and Lightering experts all ready to respond to the challenges that face our customers.

As part of the Teichman Group, T&T Salvage will be part of a comprehensive service oriented organization, created and inspired by the legendary Rudy Teichman, who was considered a salvage industry leader, whose ingenuity, experience and dedication to improve his industry, business and community were renown from Galveston, Texas and throughout the world. The professionals at T&T Salvage, LLC have always shared those same motivations, the goal: to provide cost effective solutions to complex problems requiring quality salvage and wreck removal services.

Kevin Teichman, Vice President of T&T Marine Inc. is proud to have this team, with its commitment to emergency response, fully under the Teichman umbrella, “It has been my family’s pleasure to have worked with the Bisso family, our long-time friends, growing T&T BISSO from a small local firm into a respected world class entity. My father was proud of what we built together with the Bisso’s and I look forward to the continued growth of the company as T&T Salvage.”

BISSO MARINE CEO, Beau Bisso added, “I view the acquisition of T&T BISSO, LLC as a strategic move for T&T, giving the Teichman’s seamless control over the worldwide services thus providing more efficiency during both emergency and non-emergency response operations. As BISSO MARINE intensifies its focus on serving the offshore energy sector, it will always be there to support T&T.” Both Kevin and Beau reiterated the strong relationship between the Teichman and Bisso families and emphasized strong mutual respect and the commitment to support each other in future endeavors.

T&T Salvage President Mauricio Garrido shared his thoughts on the change, “What looks like a simple name change is really an opportunity for us to remind the world how terrific our professionals and services are. Rudy Teichman has always been an inspiration to me. His commitment to serving the maritime industry was unflagging; we share that commitment and are proud to be fully a part of his group.”

T&T Salvage Asia’s Richard Van der Werf added “We have committed significant effort and money to establishing and expanding our footprint in Asia. Recent salvage operations show our people and investment have paid off.” Ken Lim, a recent key addition to the T&T Salvage Asia team, expanded: “Our new brand simply continues the excitement and the legacy of a well-established, family-owned, company.”

T&T Salvage is the market leader in the OPA 90 Salvage and Marine Firefighting services segment, covering sixty percent of the U.S. tanker market. The Company’s capabilities were recently demonstrated when the company responded to four simultaneous casualties in the Mississippi River as a result of September’s dangerous Hurricane Isaac. In the same time period the company’s professionals managed three simultaneous salvage response operations under Lloyds Open Form contracts in Southeast Asia.

T&T Salvage has a global footprint recognized by industry and governments for its safe, efficient and effective responses to the most difficult marine casualties. T&T Salvage is a “One Call” source to meet any challenge, anywhere, anytime.

For further information,  veiwers contact:

  • DeeAnn McMillen – T&T Salvage – dmcmillen@ttsalvage.com
  • Campbell Houston – MTI Network – +1 845 721-0802

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