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Total Lubmarine expresses concern over biased interpretation of latest service letters

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Paris, 11 December 2012: Total Lubmarine, one of the world’s leading global suppliers of marine lubricants and greases, today expressed concern over biased interpretation of MAN’s recently issued customer service letters. These detailed technical documents contain recommendations for both existing engines, which represent nearly the entire marketplace, as well as the engines of tomorrow. It clearly states that single oil solutions are approved for the vast majority of existing engines – 99% of current engines – but not yet for the 1% of engine represented by the Mark 9 and future G series.

Jean-Philippe Roman, technical director, explained: “Total Lubmarine respects the views of those that subscribe to conventional thinking; that old generation cylinder oil should have a BN that matches the sulphur content of the fuel. However, several of the new ‘single oil solution’ type products that have been launched recently, demonstrate that conventional wisdom on cylinder oils is moving away from old generation products and towards a high-performance future. Five years of hard, corroborated evidence has shown that the Universal product gives excellent results under all operating conditions. Furthermore, the single oil solution offers significant savings as only one product is required. We believe it is misleading to categorise lubricants solely according to their BN – ‘old generation mid range formulations’ do not equate to or match the performance of the new generation ‘universal’ or ‘single’ solutions.”

The impending new challenges presented by 2015, 2020 and beyond come as no surprise – and more will ensue. Changing regulations, decreasing sulphur caps and altered operating conditions have, for some time, driven new engine types and designs, which quite rightly demand associated landmarks in the history of MCL evolution.

Jean-Philippe Roman, technical director, Total Lubmarine explained: “As a true pioneer of marine cylinder lubricant solutions, Total Lubmarine is ready for this next stage. We remain wholly convinced that the new chemistry, developed over five years ago for Talusia Universal, underpins this next generation of products. As such, we will continue to work closely with both OEMs and customers to prove – as we have consistently to date – that the single oil solution of tomorrow represents the future of marine cylinder lubricants.”

In today’s challenging operating environment, Total Lubmarine remains committed to supporting all of its customers by developing and providing a wide range of products, rather than forcing them down a certain route. Although with five years of hard evidence the company remains wholly convinced of its universal product – a position reinforced by more than 70% of its customers, that have chosen and trust Talusia Universal.

About Talusia Universal

Talusia Universal was launched in 2008 following a rigorous trial period. Total Lubmarine has accumulated nearly five years of experiential data on Talusia Universal with over 30 million hours of operation. Talusia Universal is now used in over 3, 800 ships in all types of operating conditions, including slow steaming and super-slow steaming. Since the launch of the product, 77 per cent of Total Lubmarine’s two-stroke customers – a number growing through transition of both existing and new customers – now use and trust Talusia Universal.

About Total Lubmarine

Total Lubmarine provides the shipping industry with leading marine lubricants and greases, associated with first-class service. To earn the confidence of our customers, we commit ourselves to meeting their expectations. We offer a complete range of marine lubricants to meet the needs of the international shipping industry, based on technologies developed by the Total Research Centre at Solaize, tested and approved by all the major marine engine manufacturers. Dedicated and motivated local logistics teams able to deliver lubricants in more than 1000 ports. A highly qualified technical service team ready to assist customers throughout the major ports worldwide.

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