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Voyage destination changes no problem for new look BP Shipping Marine Distance Tables

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A recent upgrade to AtoBviaC ‘s end user applications for the BP Shipping Marine Distance Tables now means that users can adjust routes and obtain distances to match their own operations. The changes make it possible for the user to produce deviation reports following changes in voyage destinations.

Tanker owners, operators, charterers and ships’ masters are often faced with evaluating changes in trading patterns due to geo-political events and oil supply and demand imbalances. They are used to relying upon AtoBviaC’s BP Shipping Marine Distance Tables to provide accurate and viable distances, based on actual routes, to estimate true costs and to maximise potential profit.

AtoBviaCs’ new interfaces for the BP Shipping Marine Distance Tables are ‘Port to Port –Online’ and ‘Port to Port v4’. Both applications allow users to edit routes to meet their particular needs.

“Accurate distances provide the starting point for accurate voyage calculations and decision making, ” explains Captain Trevor Hall, Director of AtoBviaC. ”Managing a routeing change mid -voyage can be a complex business, and it is important that the user is aware of the implications involved in calculating the costs for the revised voyage. Changing market conditions have motivated our customers to request this editing tool and we are delighted to have been able to respond to their demands.

“The route editing facility and the associated route scanning allows users to determine their own preferred routes, either to route through piracy areas or to minimise costs associated with ECA legislation or to meet load line requirements. Any changes to routes may still take into account environmentally sensitive areas; ship separation schemes; geographic features and man-made obstacles which are retained features of the Distance Table’s applications. Additionally, all voyage details including maps and ECA distances can now be exported in pdf format.”

The BP Shipping Marine Distance Tables are widely used within the marine industry and contain all ports, offshore terminals and transhipment areas needed by its many users, particularly:  Worldscale; oil tankers; gas carriers (LNG & LPG); the container trade and the bulk shipping of coal and ore.

Further details of this enhancement, featuring video demonstrations, can be found on:


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