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Greece: Samaras’ flotsam and jetsam* with the media

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John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

Greece: Samaras’ flotsam and jetsam* with the media,  By John Faraclas

The ERT fiasco was yet another palaver by the under the stairs politicians in Greece, and in particular that of the current Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras  and his supporting other two partners for their own vote-hunting purposes; not to mention the advisors… All the above mentioned are liable and accountable for their actions!

ERT, which in a way is Greece’s BBC must be turned inside out – no doubt for this, but not in this way becoming a boomerang for the Greek Prime Minister. The decision of Greece’s Top Appeal Court could be seen also as a make or break for the government and its coalition partners. When I insist via my live televised interviews with SBC TV that Greece lacks  a leader to take the nation a leap forward, and out of this crisis, now you know what I mean. Where was Samaras’ RWA and RWAD positions vis-à-vis ERT? I guess he must suck a lot from the hoi polloi who continue to be in various posts! And what about honesty; yes Honesty with a capital “H”!

As the late Richard Nixon found to his cost, there is no point in trying to lie your way out of a crisis. You may not be rumbled the first, second or even third time, but the odds are shortening and so is your nerve Prime Minister Samaras! Your advisors to this melee should have known very well the subtle difference between lying and the careful selection of the information they wished you to impart! Remember, it’s their subject and they should have been in control before proposing same to you – or at least they should have taken the trouble to anticipate and prepare for a crisis… Anyway…

Now it’s obvious that none of us who embarks for constructive criticism anticipates your partners’ in your governmental coalition view. Both Venizelos and Kouvelis have their own voters’ agenda… Venizelos’ party in particular who ruled Greece for so many years after the restoration of democracy, they should have done so as they held an overwhelming majority. There is indeed a chronic mismanagement, lack of transparency and waste; no doubt for these issues from which ERT suffers from. But nobody bothered to take the chance and air one important issue: What is the projectability of a viable ERT? Ah! and how best one benefits from the unique archives of ERT, and also recover some info given out and never ever returned back to its archives!

Hope this message is well received; its title is ultra-maritime (marine insurance based) and don’t forget Aristotelian Constructive Criticism and how well prepared you are to take on the media… With privatisation still looming in the background, one wonders where these politicians are leading Greece; reforms must be done but in the most appropriate way. Stop the austerity here and now. Privatisation, if it happens, same should be proper and pragmatic, and sorry: those who have to go must go… They know dead well how and why they are still there… And don’t continue the suffering of the pensioners with this inhumane taxation…. It’s best to execute them than to struggle them every day: shame Mr. Samaras!

I left last to mention the Athens Stock Exchange: surely they know the way to get-in ERT and make it even more viable!


*This expression comes from ancient maritime law

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