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Jamaica urges seafarers to pay keen attention to MLC

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Amdmiral Peter Brady

Amdmiral Peter Brady

As the world celebrates the Day of the Seafarer today (June 25), the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ) urges seafarers to pay keen attention to the provisions of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006.

With just a few weeks to go before the International Labour Organization’s “Bill of Rights” for seafarers comes into effect, Jamaica is encouraging seafarers to take its provisions seriously, pointing out that their diligence is also critical to the successful implementation and enforcement of the provisions of the Convention.

Rear Admiral Peter Brady, Director General of the MAJ said: “Jamaica recognises the tremendous contribution seafarers make to the world economy and commerce. Today, as we celebrate our seafarers, we should also recall that the provisions of the Convention were developed as a tripartite instrument with the input of governments, shipowners and seafarers’ representatives. The implementation and enforcement also need this three-party commitment to achieve its overarching aim – decent working conditions and social protection for seafarers as well as secure economic interests in fair competition for quality shipowners.”

Jamaica has communicated its guidance notes and declaration of maritime labour compliance to all owners, managers and operators of Jamaican ships, while it finalises measures to sign the Convention.

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