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The Seahorse Club’s 2013 Summer Media Party

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Peter G. Owen of Isis Communications and president of the Seahorse Club flanked by fellow journalsits

The ever smiling Peter G. Owen of Isis Communications and president of the Seahorse Club flanked by fellow journalsits

Still there or better use the nautical term “Steady as she goes”, the Seahorse Club Summer Party last Thursday at the Doggetts Coat & Badge on the southern side of Blackfriars Bridge continues to be a success to all intents and purposes. Last year we luckily missed the rain – then it was all blue skies -, this year I was about to miss it, but managed, even the twelfth  hour…coming from the opposite bank that is the House of Commons given the extended debate there on the Environment and Security in the Gulf of Guinea. The main two elements was the weather and the fun we always have their meeting our buddies from the press and at ease exchange views on current and other affairs – did I hear you say holidays…

The Doggetts Coat and Badge

The Doggetts Coat and Badge

Arriving there just before nine and the party was at its double sweet moment! Over 70 members and friends where there at the balcony enjoying one of the best ever London-by-Thames nights!  Lucky to be served the barbecue’s specialities and have one of the most enjoyable dry glass of wine.

Old and new faces as always, in a party mood; I must say it was worth making it there given that I was still accompanied by my crutch! Anyway, it was great and hope it carries on in this festive mood for the years to come.

Father Thame's west magnificent view.. inspiring for creative writing and unwind..

Father Thame’s west magnificent view.. inspiring for creative writing and unwind…

The event, sponsored once again by DP Ports it was an interesting gathering with obviously networking having its day! Even numbers of ladies and gentleman – last year women had there day!  Missed the Peter Owen rituals but got him a nice shot!  The name Snowden coincidentally on, last year was the announcement of the veterans James Snowden’s passing away, this year with Edward Snowden’s leaking info and saga in Moscow infuriating the Americans and beyond, the discussions where heated!

The Transaid Charity trio was there and I am sure they’ve got a good support from all – visit their site www.transaid.com and donate to this charity which “changes people’s lives for the better!”

Missed my Man from Ithaca Paul Ellis – on his way

...and the Eastern view, with the City always in our mind...

…and the Eastern view, with the City new skyscrapers rising and always in our mind…

there, James Brewer traveling to, HIS Fairplay’s Miryam Fahey and few others, but Mike Brook from HIS Fairplay was there (as in all parties in the City), informa’s Sandra Spears, Bridget Hogan and Raquel  Miller from The Nautical Institute, Lucy  Budd, , David Hughes from the World Bunkering. The Image Line’s group was headed by Sue Terpilowski and her husband Tom and smiling Laura peg was there too. Graig Jallal epitomising serious writing was there with his mediocre smile, Cheers Graig!

All in all a great evening and pleased I made it with my crutch….

Enjoy the summer break!

*The Seahorse Club is a lively networking group, which draws together a variety of public relations, marketing, advertising and journalism professionals within the freight, passenger, shipping and logistics sectors.

Whether you represent transport principals or promote an in-house service, the Seahorse Club provides an excellent opportunity to meet others with similar jobs and interests. Regular events are held designed to inform, entertain and create debate, drawing on the experiences of members, special sectoral guests and trade journalists, including a Winter Awards presentation recognising industry journalism talent and the Summer BBQ

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