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Run like a Spartan or Escape from Zombies

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Ever done an Obstacle Race before?
Whether you have or not, we have got a race that will push you to your limits this autumn. We’d love to have you on our team so were giving the first four to sign up a free place and if you’re not the first  to sign up you’ll still get a 10% discount.

There are various Spartan Races taking place all across the UK. The Spartan Races range from 3 miles long with 15 obstacles to 12 miles long with 25 obstacles if you want to push yourself even further!
The 5km Zombie Races are providing a fresh – terrifying – challenge for runners! You have to tackle obstacles and reach safety without losing the three fluorescent tags on your running belt. If a Zombie catches you and pulls one off, you lose a life and risk a mauling by The Undead.We ask you to fundraise all you can to help us; a good aim is £300.  We will support you with fundraising and provide a Charity branded running vest.
If you’re ready to join Team Spartan or Team Zombie please let us know today!



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