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John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

This is the sixteenth overview of the shipping markets and world events by John Faraclas from www.allaboutshipping.co.uk in Singapore the 2 May 2014

  • The BDI closed up 24 points at 1, 017, which is 50 points up from last Friday’s (25/4) closing of 967. It’s been 18 days that we experienced a below the 1, 000 point mark index. Obviously don’t be happy seeing the general index up, as once again the Capers did it with an 113 plus points reaching the 1, 829 mark from last week’s 1, 629 which overall is 133 plus points.
  • The BPI was down 6 points at 865 which is only one point up since the 25/4…
  • The BSI remained flat at 915 but up 3 from the 912 recorded on 25/4…
  • The BHSI down at 510 – 4 since yesterday and down 5 since last week’s closing…
  • The wets at 644 the BDTI – 4, and the cleans, the BCTI up 2 at 596, far below the closing of the 25/4 CAUTION to all fronts!!!

UKRAINE and the situ over there as we have foreseen in writing when the troubles “begun” might bring a total conflagration in the entire area with worldwide repercussions.

MRS. MERKEL’S visit in the US was more than important one. The actual leader of Europe is upset with the whole situ there and has to use the Greek word Diplomacy to all intents and purposes if she want Germany to run Europe and moreover to see Europe remaining intact. Add the tapping issue, which she can’t afford to accept from Barack Obama’s administration and secret services and see what you have…

THE SEWOL disaster:  Over here in the Far East we’ve got two resignations due to the disaster of the Sewol ferry. After Chon Young Kee, the S. Korean Prime Minister’s resignation on the 27/4, the CEO and President of the Korean Register of Ships, Chung Hong-won just resigned. A brave act or what..? Nothing can even the loss of  life, even of one person. And the students lost?? AND on top of everything else the subway disaster in Seoul with at least 200 injured…? It happened in New York too, but both could have been avoided. Coming back at the SEWOL, if rumours are proper and there have been warning on the vessels condition, then I am sorry: IACS should close down any Class Society that doesn’t perform even an iota of its obligations.

Remind you that one of the students managed to say: This looks like the end. The world and the specialists of Maritime Safety must listen to the accounts of the young students on board…. Still 90 people are missing…  212 are confirmed that lost their lives from the entire passenger number. 325 on board the 476 where students at the second year of high school….

Is it really red herring for the ill fated missing MH370 Malaysian Airlines flight? We have put this down in writing: enough lies and excuses.

The Philippines giving land and water, as the Greeks say ( Γη καί Υδωρ -GE ke ydor) to the US vis-à-vis bases proves the coming dangers in the region.

CHINA pulls the strings anyway their leaders want using Confucianism and its paradigms with New Mandarins on the Block… Understanding China is a must, otherwise the ping pong era that the late US President Richard Nixon launched will end in tears… AND there would be no excuse!!! Imagine if China had entered the WTO in the 60’s, forty one years earlier (2001)… And China will never ever forget the humiliating defeat from  a group of Nations ( Japan, Italy, the US, Germany, Russia – which which they will contact Naval drills in the East China Sea…- France,   Britain, The US and Austria Hungary if my memory doesn’t fail me ). Add the 1842 which ended the Opium War the then losses of territory by China. The Boxers War, remember…

Japan is to be watched too, but under a different perspective!! Abe knows the rules of the game, and can prove a leader and a Pacifist too if needed…

And what about India; watch Modi’s blues…

The HBNA event on “Global Challenges,   Geopolitical Issues and Risk Remedies” at the China Club last Monday in Singapore gave the stigma – the positioning of what is to come; a great event well attended to all intents and purposes.

At the other side of the globe in London’s Hellenic Centre the best ever workshop of its kind took place with Prof. Panikkos Poutziouris and Dr. Lukas Glyptis unique event The Development of Greek Shipping Dynasties: Succession across Generations”. Now those present they know!!! This event must take place in Greece and New York too!

The First BIMCO Awards in Dubai, where BIMCO announced the winners of their first ever set of awards for the shipping industry, following its annual conference in the same location yesterday. The awards were created to celebrate and highlight shipping companies and individuals who have excelled in areas reflecting BIMCO’s global activities.

No gear up for the WISTA 40th Anniversary with Maria Dixon’s faithful at Clyde’s and Co Auditorium promising a great evening on the 8th of May – I will ask why  Women CEO’s get fired more often and does this applies to Shipping?  Be ready for this!  And then gear up for Posidonia 2-6 of June, include/add a week before and don’t miss the event of events.

This is John Faraclas from allaboutshipping.co.uk reporting from Singapore, one of the world’s biggest business centres, a very clean city indeed with Law and Order. And no chewingam on the pavements, and full of CCTV cameras too and why not; its for protection, safety, well being. If you have nothing to hyde, why not. Greece should do this here and now. Democratic Values and Personal Freedom were destroyed fully since 1974!!! Wake up Guys and Dolls in Athens’ Constitution Square!!! See where you have brought the Worlds Classic Nation. At least we have Shipping, Shipowners and Seafarers. to be proud off!

You can also listen to the video herebelow, log on and enjoy; have a nice weekend!

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