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New breathalyser from Hutton’s helps crew put safety first

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alkotesterisSafety is paramount at sea and accident risks must be minimised at all times. A new product from leading international ship supplier Hutton’s will help ensure crew are able to operate safely within the law – which is particularly important as legislation to strengthen safety at sea comes into force.

Hutton’s is able to supply a new type of breathalyser machine which does away with the need for complicated, time-consuming recalibration and servicing.

This efficient, lightweight machine is extremely accurate and able to record alcohol levels to three decimal places of 0.1mg/litre blood at an accuracy level of +/- 0.01%.

The Manila Amendments to the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Convention are due to come into force this year and will further reduce the blood-alcohol limits for seafarers at work.

John MacDonald, General Manager of Hutton’s Medical, said: “This machine is very effective and only the very complex and expensive machines used in police stations can produce a more accurate result. This model is particularly appropriate for use at sea because it does not require regular recalibration. Instead the user just needs to replace the sensor once a year or after 300 tests.

“In this era of improving safety, we are delighted to be able to offer the Alcoscan AL7000 breathalyser to our customers. As a starter kit we provide everything required for a ship to be compliant including a spare sensor. This kit provides 2 years of coverage, after which only an inexpensive replacement sensor needs replacing which can easily be done by ship board personnel.”

Hutton’s customers can benefit from a special Starter Kit offer of just £160.00 throughout the month of June. This includes:
• an AL7000 Breathalyser, including sensor
• a protective case and carry pouch
• a spare calibrated sensor providing 24 months life
• 50 professional disposable mouthpieces
• 2 AA alkaline batteries

After June the price returns to £195.00. Fleet bulk discount is available.


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Mrs Daniela Dagnan May 15, 2014 - 8:13 AM

I am the mother of LEE DAGNAN,my son died tragically aged just 26 whilst working for a well known UK maritime company being kept on board in the Indian ocean!!!!! There is no testing for MALARIA on oil vessels which is what my fit healthy ex ROYAL MARINE son died from. WHY NOT BUY THE TESTING KITS FOR MALARIA????? AFTER ALL THEY ONLY COST 25 PENCE TO QUICKLY DIAGNOSE MALARIA AND EVACUATE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE TO SAVE A LIFE VERY EASILY. I do not expect a reply as I know the industry could not care a dot about this.


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