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Plain sailing at Lloyd’s Register pre-Posidonia reception

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Apo Poulovassilis, Anny Zade, JAmes Brewer, Graciet e Amaro and Andreas Bagias

Apo Poulovassilis, having just greeted Anny Zade, James Brewer, Graciete Amaro and Andreas Bagias

Rarely in Greece and in particularly on the Attica coast, whether east or west, does one encounter adverse weather during early June and in particular at Posidonia time, … once at that period of the year I had to carry a very handy brolly and made good use of it…despite the cynics.*

This year was an exception to the benign weather rule, with strong winds and light rain at times during Posidonia week, but Lloyd’s Register’s Posidonia 2014 reception organisers had all the contingency plans at hand. Posidon though gave his blessing and no rain, no wind disturbed this pre-Exhibition super reception at the splendid patio around the illuminated pool at the Westin Astir Palace in Vouliagmeni! John Faraclas and a team from www.allaboutshipping.co.uk were there to cover the event:

Guests entering the reception area and being cordially greeted by the Lloyd's Register team

Guests entering the reception area and being cordially greeted by the Lloyd’s Register team

Guests were greeted by Richard Sadler, the society’s chief executive; Tom Boardley, the marine director; Apo Poulovassilis, the regional marine manager for EMEA, and Annita Patargias head of the LR Piraeus events team and communications specialist – pleased to see Kika Lazaridou was there too, A long twenty plus meters queue from the lift to the pool area, suggested once again another Posidonia LR reception attendance record, surpassing last time’s 1, 700!

Everything was well organised with exceptionally fine chef-prepared food, superb drinks including Greek wines and liqueurs such as mastica from Chios, needless to mention the excellent service from the hotel’s catering department.

Athens June 2014 010

Christian Prekezes and Dimitris Mitsatos from HELMEPA with Panos Laskarides

The Greek and international shipping fraternity was there in full force; after all class societies are by far the most important sector of the shipping industry – and beyond if you count, over the last ten years, their participation in vetting hotels, factories, ports, you name it!

George P. Evgenides, Anny Zade, Chruyssa Papathanassiou and Struan Robertson

George P. Evgenides from the University of Piraeus, Anny Zade, Chruyssa Papathanassiou and Struan Robertson

Academics, analysts, bankers and financiers, bunker brokers, claims consultants and consultants of many kinds, coast guard and naval officers, diplomats, energy specialists, environmentalists, heads of associations, clubs and organisations, lawyers, master mariners, marine engineers and naval architects, marine insurance specialists both for hull/machinery and P&I, marine paints consultants, shipbrokers, ship-owners and shipmanagers, shipyard executives – both from the shipbuilding and shiprepair/conversion sectors, scientists, salvage experts, anti-piracy and terrorist guards, and journalists from the world’s media.

Pyghi N. Skinitis, Anny Zade, Dr. Aleka Mandaraka-Sheppard and Christina T. Pappas

Pyghi N. Skinitis, Anny Zade, Dr. Aleka Mandaraka-Sheppard and Christina T. Pappas

Dr Aleka Mandaraka-Sheppard, the founding director of the London Shipping Law Centre was there, Struan Robertson with Cryssa Papathanssiou from Clarkson’s legal team, Rear Adm (Ret.HCG) Thimio E. Mitropoulos and his wife Chantal part now of the Tsakos Foundation, Captain Panagiotis Tsakos and his lieutenant Vassilis Papageorgiou, former head of Lloyd’s Register in Piraeus, Andreas Tsavliris with his wife and son Alexander, banker Antonis Lamnides from HSBC, Dr Andreas Bagias, specialist lawyer, where the first group of guests we met…

London shipbroker Nicholas Skinitis and his wife Pyghi president of the Lycee dancers in London , consultant George Maghioros and his wife Maria, Panos Laskarides from the Laskarides Shipping Group; Chartworld’s managing director Antonis-Stamos Faraklas, Takis N. Pappas and his wife Christina, Anna-Maria Monogioudi from Aegean Marine Coatings and former president of WISTA-Hellas, Dimitris Mitsatsos and Christianna Prekezes from HELMEPA and many others.

John Faraclas and Antonis Lamnides

John Faraclas and Antonis Lamnides











Captain Panagiotis N. Tsakos amongst other guests

Captain Panagiotis N. Tsakos amongst other guests

The various teams of our hosts were evenly spread at the four thousand square meters pool level, greatly contributing to this event, networking with existing and prospective clients, as well as making sure everything was in full order and the entertainment at its usual level for such an event; many congrats to all!

Radm and Mrs. E.E Mitropoulos

Radm and Mrs. E.E Mitropoulos

We as www.allaboutshipping.co.uk dispatched a strong team of four – James Brewer, Graciete Amaro, Anny Zade and myself – so as to participate more closely in the event and get the current prevailing market feeling, the market’s pulse if you like, as the market according to our view, is not at the expected levels given the nine plus billion tonnes of cargo that ships carry to serve humanity’s global needs.

George and Maria Maghioros

George and Maria Maghioros

Ending this coverage we have a quickie live interview/response from Richard Sadler, Lloyd’s Register’s chief executive, complementing the event as well as expressing another optimistic view; log on and hear what he said:

*this is recorded in Tradewinds, although (not strangely) without my name as at that time, with all due respect, some people were very biased…


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