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No rich pickings yet in the shipping markets…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Nothing spectacular has happened and the dry markets are still 65.1 centum below the December 2013 closing; a very disappointing market performance. The wets too are overall  still down despite the plus symbols.

This is our thirtieth overview of the markets and geopolitics, today Friday the 8th of August 2014 of www.allaboutshipping.co.uk with John Faraclas in Athens.

The BDI closed up 12 points since yesterday 7th of August 2014 at 777 points which is plus 16 points since last week’s 751 points still, be cautious ! We must see the 1, 000 barrier level and then the 2, 000 mark to hope for the upturn. Market Analysts should  employ ethics before they create yet another mess!

  • The BCI close up 16 points to 1, 166 points which is down 10 points since last week’s  1, 176 points
  • The BPI was up 8 points since yesterday at 624 and up 13 points since last week’s closing at 611 points.
  • The BSI was also up at 19 points at 804 points and 76 plus since last week’s 728.-
  • The BHSI  was up 3 points at  363  and 6 since last week’s 357 points.-

So overall, once again a low dry market despite the plus symbols on all categories, considering no major changes since last week with some minus symbols overall (weekly).

  • The wets were both up since their last closing but down on a weekly basis. The BDTI stood at 811 which is down 22 points since last week’s 833 points and the BCTI was up 7 since its last closing at 552 but 4 points down since last week’s 556 point. Caution here too.

The Container trade show some good signs with some interesting transactions and the rumours of newbuilding coming up, we believe this is a promising market!

Liner Trades are still in a bit of disarray as new kid’s in the box trade arrive…

The World Stage now:

  • Ukraine: the mess is widening. The sanctions announced against Russia are now facing counter sanctions from the Russian side.  Can the Western World’s public sustain such sanctions? Let’s be prepaired for strange side effects.
  •  The Middle East,  and in particular the Arab-Israeli conflict continues to be one of humanity’s worse cases and diplomats must go home. The rule of war and the rule of the US counts! Who and how can change this? On top of the mess above,  we have seen a more messy Northern Iraq with the Americans beginning yet another bombardment from above to halt the Islamic State’s advance south… Who’s to blame for us is immaterial, the issue is: what have we achieved after two major wars in Iraq and what do we receive now…
  • Libya’s messy future is guaranteed… no further comments; just wait and see what this new wave will trigger… Again, like above with respect to Iraq: what was achieved after the fall of colonel Gaddafi?
  • The Far East still making waves. Wonder if the US can open another front there if North Korea continues the violations…
  • Africa with the Ebola deadly virus ante portas can make it a wider mess. Be prepared for a messy outbreak; Ebola must be contained….
  • Europe is trying to get its act together…. Too many issues at stake here. Who’s in command?
  • The sixth tip for your summer vacation: Slovakia where we have just run a series of articles to trigger your interest and expedite a landlocked nation’s sea-wise side too!
  • The WISTA-UK gala on the occasion of WISTA-UK’s 40th Anniversary as we’ve heard from our team there, was more than a success and as promised, there is an article and a few photos in the site, so one can log on here see their great success; Bravo to Maria Dixon and her UK Wista’s for staging such an excellent event at the IMO!

Wishing you a nice weekend and enjoy the summer holidays wherever you are!

You can  log on  herebelowto see the live video.

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