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Hot Port News from GAC

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GAC 01072014

United Arab Emirates, Mina Saqr
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Singapore, Jurong Port
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Australia, Fremantle
New procedures for OPL attendance
October 10, 2014, United Arab Emirates, Mina Saqr
Saqr Port Authority has advised that, with effect from 16 October, new procedures will come into force for personnel attendance Off Port Limits (OPL).Documents required for OPL Mina Saqr personnel attendance (less than 3 days) for Operations, Marine and Engineering requirement will be as follows:



– Duly filled, signed and stamped Master undertaken statement

– Copy of vessel registry

– Copy of last port clearance

– “Master Statement of completion” confirming that work is completed and that all visitors/technicians have been disembarked. (Original statement should be brought by personnel upon disembarkation from the vessel Without it, personnel cannot be cleared to exit)



– Passport copy & residence visa copy of personnel

– Company trade license copy

– Statement from company with personnel details, purpose, date/time of attendance and date/time of return (duration not to exceed 3 days).


Only persons holding UAE residence visa are allowed to attend vessels at OPL Mina Saqr (less than 3 days) for operations, Marine and Engineering requirements.


Failure to return to the port within the period of approval will result in:

a) Ports administrative action where fines may be imposed.

b) Passport and full details passed to Immigration dept for further action

c) Full details provided to local police for further action.


For information about operations at Saqr Port contact GAC Dubai at dubai@gac.com

Dredging at sewage treatment works
October 10, 2014, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
For approximately 8 weeks, dredging operations will be carried out [at Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works] within the area bounded by straight lines joining the following co-ordinates (WGS84 Datum) from (A) to (D) and the adjacent shoreline:-(A) 22 deg. 19.586’N / 114 deg. 08.455’E(B) 22 deg. 19.618’N / 114 deg. 08.476’E

(C) 22 deg. 19.525’N / 114 deg. 08.643’E

(D) 22 deg. 19.497’N / 114 deg. 08.625’E


The works will be carried out by a derrick lighter. One split-hopper barge and two tugs will assist in the works. The number of vessels engaged in the works will change from time to time to suit operational requirements.


A working area of approximately 50 metres around the derrick lighter will be established. Yellow marker buoys fitted with yellow flashing lights will be laid to mark the positions of the anchors extending from the derrick lighter.


The hours of work will be from 0700 to 2300 hours. Vessels employed for the works will stay in the works area outside the hours of work.


Vessels engaged in the operations will display signals as prescribed in international and local regulations.


Vessels navigating in the vicinity should proceed with caution.


(For information about operations in Hong Kong contact GAC Hong Kong atshipping.hongkong@gac.com)

Source: Government of Hong Kong SAR Marine Department Notice No.127 of 2014

Dredging off West Jurong Channel
October 10, 2014, Singapore, Jurong Port
Dredging is underway in the West Jurong Channel, and will continue until 9 April 2015.As advised in the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s Port Marine Notice No.124 of 2014 dated today (10 October) the works are being carried out 24 hours daily – including Sundays and Public Holidays – within the working area bounded by the following co-ordinates (WGS 84 Datum):

1) 1° 16.254’N / 103° 38.601’E

2) 1° 16.531’N / 103° 38.601’E

3) 1° 16.777’N / 103° 39.119’E

4) 1° 16.582’N / 103° 39.119’E

5) 1° 16.364’N / 103° 38.689’E


Dredging work will be carried out by grab dredgers. Each grab dredger will be held by 3 spuds as anchors. The dredgers, with hopper barges in attendance, will have a circular safety working zone of 50-metre radius centred at the dredgers. Dredged materials will be transported to the designated dumping ground by hopper barges.


During operation, the dredgers will be attended to by tug boats which will be used to shift the dredger.


A safety boat will be deployed in the vicinity of the working area to warn other craft of the project.


Craft involved in the works will exhibit the appropriate local and international day and night signals.


When in the vicinity of the working area, mariners are reminded to:

(a) keep well clear and not to enter the working area;

(b) maintain a proper lookout;

(c) proceed at a safe speed and navigate with caution;

(d) maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 22 (Jurong Control);


(e) communicate with Jurong Control on VHF Channel 22 for assistance, if required.


For information about operations in Singapore contact GAC Singapore at singapore@gac.com

Yacht Race from Hong Kong to Hainan Dao
October 10, 2014, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
A yacht race from Hong Kong to Hainan Dao will take place on 16 October 2014 (Thursday). About 20 yachts are expected to participate in the race.The race will start at 1320 hours on 16 October 2014 off the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter, and follow an easterly route through the harbour, Tathong Channel and Lo Chau Mun, thence to Hainan Dao.


Masters, coxswains and persons-in-charge of vessels navigating in the vicinity of the race route should proceed with caution, giving practical consideration to the contestants. Compliance with the provisions of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972 is mandatory.


(For information about operations in Hong Kong contact GAC Hong Kong atshipping.hongkong@gac.com)

Source: Government of Hong Kong SAR Marine Department Notice No.125 of 2014

Livestock carrier fire extinguished
October 10, 2014, Australia, Fremantle
Firefighters have extinguished the fire that broke out on a livestock carrier at Fremantle Port yesterday morning (9 October), but the Department of Fire and Emergency Services is continuing to monitor the vessel.Crew members had been preparing to load cattle at the port’s North Quay when the fire broke out about 8am. The blaze was extinguished at 10.42pm local time, about 15 hours after it first started. All 50 crew members were assessed for smoke inhalation and three were taken to hospital. One is in a serious but stable condition. No livestock were onboard when the fire began.


Thermal imaging devices are now being used to monitoring the ship for hot-spots before fire investigators board the ship to identify the cause. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority will also be involved in the investigation.


The departure of two ships was delayed due to the fire yesterday but the Inner Harbour was re-opened to shipping at 4pm yesterday afternoon and cargo handling operations have also resumed.


For information about operations in Australia contact GAC Australia at shipping.australia@gac.com

GAC Bunker Fuels Ltd Pricing Alert
Market Price Update 10/10/2014
Aberdeen 0 0 801.00 0
Aden 730.00 668.00 1, 110.00 0
Alexandria 755.00 660.00 1, 180.00 0
Amsterdam 532.00 502.00 735.00 0
Antwerp 527.00 497.00 730.00 0
Aqaba 0 720.00 1, 020.00 0
Bahrain 0 0 946.00 0
Bergen 601.00 575.00 814.00 0
Busan 570.00 550.00 810.00 800.00
Cape Town 602.00 0 838.00 0
Colombo 630.00 612.00 966.00 0
Dubai 605.00 595.00 830.00 0
Durban 567.00 0 1, 002.00 0
Fujairah 585.00 530.00 960.00 0
Gibraltar 643.00 612.00 911.00 0
Hambantota 645.00 620.00 985.00 0
Hong Kong 556.00 548.00 810.00 0
Houston 620.00 528.00 869.00 0
Istanbul 631.00 602.00 928.00 0
Jeddah 720.00 660.00 1, 090.00 0
Kaohsiung 596.00 586.00 915.00 900.00
Kuwait 0 575.00 1, 240.00 0
Lerwick 0 0 834.00 0
Malta 691.00 668.00 888.00 0
Montrose 0 0 835.00 0
Mumbai 629.00 621.00 1, 089.00 0
New York & New Jersey 607.00 561.00 893.00 0
Panama 657.00 538.00 953.00 0
Piraeus 659.00 633.00 901.00 0
Port Louis 682.00 0 956.00 0
Port Said 760.00 655.00 1, 100.00 0
Qatar 0 0 908.00 0
Richards Bay 587.00 0 1, 002.00 0
Rio de Janeiro 565.00 543.00 945.00 0
Rotterdam 523.00 493.00 740.00 0
Salalah 665.00 615.00 1, 100.00 0
Shanghai 584.00 556.00 983.00 0
Sharjah 605.00 595.00 830.00 0
Singapore 560.00 560.00 800.00 0
Sohar 0 635.00 1, 020.00 0
St Petersburg 413.00 368.00 715.00 0
Stavanger 0 0 824.00 0
Suez 730.00 660.00 1, 100.00 0
Walvis Bay 663.00 0 952.00 0
West Africa OFFSHORE – FROM ABIDJAN TO LUANDA 0 662.00 976.00 0
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