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Prop dynamicsHull!and!propeller!performance analysis!system!gains!traction.
Canada-based shipping company Teekay Corporation has renewed its contract with
Propulsion Dynamics for its hull and propeller performance monitoring system
CASPER Service.

The Computerized Analysis of Ship PERformance (CASPER® Service) from Propulsion Dynamics is a turnkey subscription service that provides shipowners with unprecedented decision support for technical and operational fuel efficiency programs.

The two-year extension for the CASPER Service will cover 23 LNG carriers under the
Teekay banner with a further seven ships to be included in the program as they are
taken into Teekay management.

As part of the CASPER Service, the technical performance of individual vessels is used
to evaluate realistic charter rates, review development of hull and propeller resistance,
and determine economically optimal intervals for hull cleaning and propeller polishing.
Comparisons between ships enable different hull coatings to be evaluated for fouling,
and the effect on speed and fuel consumption.

“We are very pleased in the manner that Teekay is utilizing the CASPER Reports and
our collaboration for setting achievable targets to maintain and improve ship
performance from the existing data logging equipment on board over the past half
decade, ” said Daniel Kane, VP of Propulsion Dynamics.

Teekay implemented the CASPER service on all vessels in 2009 and has seen
continued success in performance monitoring, performance analysis, benchmarking
and recommendations.

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