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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Our seventeenth weekly recapitulation of the shipping markets, their respective main indices and world geopolitics affecting same in 2015, tonight Friday the 24th of April 2015, with John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping in Athens.

  • The BDI managed to climb up just one point since yesterday to 600  points flat and three points since last weeks at 597 points; no strength at all!
  • The BCI moved to 545 points which is up 2 since yesterday and 13 points since last week’s 532…
  • The BPI was up just five points at 685 points which is 43 points up since last weeks 642 points; something to “celebrate”
  • The BSI was up three points sine yesterday at 624 points which is five points up since last week’s 619 points
  • The BHSI was down three points since yesterday at 348 points which is ten points down since last week’s 358 points; tough time continue for this size…,

So, all in all, once again a repeat of last week’s weak market despite the plus overall mark…

Again, a “different” story all together for the wets; this time the numbers are falling….  

The Dirties and its BDTI index was down eight points at 784 which is 16 points down since last week’s  800 points..

  • The Cleans and the respective BCTI was down 14 points at 617 which is 85 points down since last week’s 702 points!

A very difficult market, but still a good time  to enter and or acquire tonnage if you can afford to keep same until the market turns up!

The geopolitics  in a total mess:

  • Ukraine: there are now entering phase three: hold your breath!
  • The Energy issue with the oil game and dirty (geo)politics slowly slowly unfolds; be on guard.
  • Greeks are being pestered in Europe with respect to their country’s debts, but having said that there is a scam against Greece which we have explained you numerous times; secondly the current Greek government doesn’t have the guts and the experience to negotiate. The show off must end here and now. No elections or referenda are needed: ONLY a team of aristos to run the country until it stands back to its knees.- I fear hell coming out with these Greek negotiators. They know nothing about the Art to Negotiate, a profession and charisma we, former and current Greek shipbrokers posses.- (yes you read right: full stop and period)! Greece can only get its act together and proceed with reforms only if the country remains in the EURO and attracts investments, both from Greeks and foreigners. Proper though privatisation is the name of the game!
  • The Migrants tragedy continues in the entire Med with far worse results since last week! Politicians from all sides must understand that they must show zero tolerance for the human traffickers and punish severely the nations from where they set off! The Military of the EU, both the Navies of Europe and the Coast Guard with FRONTEX as they true spearhead performing also and delivering results as it should do, must get involved. Where is the real political will? Do you like to see what you see on telly? Do you like to see dead bodies everywhere? Do you like to see babies and young children lost treated in this inhumane way?
  • The UK Elections will be the most decisive ones in forty years. The die is cast: no ovewhelming majority; coalition yet again will be the order of the day!
  • The GREEN4Sea Forum in Athens’ Evgenidion Foundation was one of the best ever debates to take place on Greek soil!

Let’s see how you will spend your weekend…

Viewers can also  listen to the live video herebelow:

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