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A full house honouring the event!

A full house honouring the event!

In early June at a full house at the Lilian Voudouri Room at Athens’ magnificent Concert Hall the Athenian Society and beyond attended one of the special events, of great importance and significance, organised jointly under the auspices of the Society for the Study of Greek History (EMEIS)  and Friends of Music this unique event (as emphatically mentioned above)  took place with excellent speeches/presentations.

George K. Stephanakis introduced the event on behalf of EMEIS and then Dr. George Skouras  and Dr. Theodora Skoura delivered a full analysis on the subject following decades of studies and research!

Dr. George Skouras and Dr. Theodore Skouras

Dr. George Skouras and Dr. Theodora Skouras

Academics, lawyers, medical doctors, heads of educational foundations, diplomats, historian as well as many representative from the Greek Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Culture attended the event.

Our eye caught: Andreas and Anna Zaimis, Prof. Savvas Spentzas wiith Ann-Maria Vrachnos, Prof. Orestis Tsolas, Prof Angelo Syrigos, Prof. Gerassimos Metaxas, General George Tzouvalas, the president of the Athens Museum A. Voyiantzis, Dr. Anastassia Krispi-Samaras, Dr. Kanaris and Ambassador Panagopoulos.  Telemachos Maratos was there too, as well as Konstantine Plapoutas, Nikos Karellis, Demeitri Reppas, Ioanna Magganara, Mrs. E. Dimopoulou Mrs. Mitsou, Mrs. Alexandra Theodoropoulos – diplomatic attache , lawyer Constantine Theodoropoulos, Dr. Niarchos, The Flessas’, Mrs. Kyvelou, Dr. Kasdaglis, Mrs. Gourdomichalis, Mrs, Katerina Papathanassiou, Mrs. E. Charalampopoulou, Mrs. A. Iglessis, A. Demetropoulos – president of Greece’s  Benefactors, Miki Capaitzis, Ambassador Georgountzos, the Ambassador of Mexico, the Kanelopoulos’, Dr. G. Drakopoulos, Mrs. E. Stassinopoulos, Dr. Ioannis Pesmagoglou, George Staikos, Theo Skroubelos, Erini Kriki and lastly Mrs. Eufrosyni Skoura with Mrs. Sophia Skouras; what a crowd !

Dr. George Skouras, Mrs. Ioanna Magganara, K. Plapoutas, Andraes Zaimis, General (rt) Tzouvalas and  Prof. G. Metaxas

l to r: Dr. George Skouras, Mrs. Katerina Papathanassiou, K. Plapoutas, Andreas Zaimis, General (rt) Tzouvalas and Prof. G. Metaxas

A great reception followed at the atrium (aithrion) with lots of discussions on this unique subject. Good for all to learn about ancient Thouria in south west Peloponnese, Messenia as well as the links with Syria…

We look forward to more such events raising the Greek National Heritage and civilization, needless to mention the maritime links of the Messenians for almost one thousand years BC! The Greek City States are still an enviable example even in today’s world, and coins can witness this! We fully support these events hence we do have special categories in the site such as Maritime History, Maritime Museums, Arts, you name it…

Please log on the PDF herebelow and study the Thouria Booklet:


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