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Wild fires in Greece

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From the Careas fire front in west Athens

From the Careas fire front in west Athens

The Laconian villages of Faraklo, off Neapoli and  the Mountain of Voion in south east Peloponnese is on fire since 03:50 hrs Greek time. Unfortunately the strong winds in the area 5-7 Beaufort scale, create an even worse fire front making it difficult for  the fire-fighters, the six fire planes and two helicopters to assist. One fire fighting plane made an emergency landing. There are power cuts too making it even worse…

In Athens now, just two hours ago (13:00 local time), in the western area of Careas wild fires are ragging and the strong winds of 5-7 Beaufort make it even worse.  The smog has covered an area of about 5 to 10 percent of the Attica plain heading above the Saronic Gulf. The suburbs of Ilioupolis and Argyroupolis are in danger too according to the TV commentators.

From information we here it seems that there was malfunction on the automatic equipment making the efforts even worse and it remains to be seen what the forthcoming investigation will bring into light.

Smoke over the Saronic Gulf

Smoke over the Saronic Gulf

Greece prime minister attended immy to two firefighting centres; the  Minister of Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy of Development  too was at the Careas point where locals lost their patience exchanging words…

Houses are burned and thank God a small convent with nuns has been evacuated.  One of the main causes of these fires, is the prevailing adverse and exceptional weather conditions. There  are also rumurs for  arson attacks; we will soon find out!

We will keep you posted.

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