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Clyde & Co latest Newsletter – Shipping

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Clyde & Co 21072015

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Written by legal experts, Clyde & Co’s Shipping Newsletter is a regular publication which reports on recent legal developments and issues of general interest to the marine sector.

In this issue:

  • Ballast Water Management Convention: The tricky waters of compliance – By Beth Bradley and Chris Moxon
  • Jurisdiction of the Admiralty Court reviewed in Harms v Harms – By Marcia Perucca
  • High Court upholds Refund Guarantees despite findings in China of fraud, and injunctions against the guarantor – By Tom Kelly and Sapna Jhangiani
  • “SFL HAWK” – Passing of title under a bill of lading – By Giyan Tang and Charlotte Gale
  • “DC MERWESTONE” – Fraudulent device rule receives firm support from the Court of Appeal – By Jaime Albors
  • Man over board: Was it suicide? – By Heidi Watson and Ruth Bonino
  • “Gazprom” OAO: Can a EU State recognise and enforce an anti-suit arbitration award? – By Nigel Brook and Michelle Radom
  • GAFTA introduces consolidated “Prevention of Shipment” clause to replace Prohibition, Force Majeure and Strike clauses – By Francesca Corns

What’s new?

  • Clyde & Co LLP obtain summary judgment for claims exceeding USD 250 million – By Robert Wilson, Beth Bradley, Lucinda Roberts and Paul Collier
  • MERS: Potential Charterparty Implications – By Ik Wei Chong, Beth Bradley and Aislinn Fawcett
  • 2015: dawn of a new era of low-emission shipping – Issue 3: cylinder lubrication – By Beth Bradley and Chris Moxon
  • Piracy in Southeast Asia – By Gerald Yee and Nazirah K. Din
  • Choppy waters: More changes to the coastal shipping regime in Australia – By Maurice Thompson, Avryl Lattin and Brittany Guilleaume
  • Oil price volatility – risks and opportunities in 2015

For further information about any of the issues raised in this newsletter, please do not hesitate to speak to your usual contact or the authors listed herein. You can also email us at info@clydeco.com

Meet the team
Editors: Miranda Karali,  Judith Pastrana

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