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Vroon Group implements ™Seanique

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SOFTimpactLogoVroon Group, an international shipping company, has announced on-target progress in the implementation of ™Seanique, SOFTimpact’s Maritime Software Solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, catering for the Vroon Group’s operations in crewing and payroll across the entire fleet.

The move contributes to Vroon’s aim for one “future-proof” global system to be used by all Group companies, manning and recruitment agencies, vessels and related stakeholder. ™Seanique was selected as the ideal product because of its comprehensive functionality and perfect fit to Vroon’s pre-existing ERP platform, Microsoft Dynamics AX, in use for Finance, Procurement, CRM and HRM purposes.

™Seanique has already been successfully implemented at Vroon’s management companies in Aberdeen (UK), Den Helder (Netherlands), Singapore (Singapore) and Terneuzen (Netherlands). Since early July the management companies in Genoa (Italy) and Stokesley (UK) have been on production use, and Manila (Philippines) is scheduled to join towards the end of 2015.

™Seanique replaces several independent systems formerly used by the different group companies in various countries. At the same time, the implementation project has been used as an opportunity to streamline and standardize particular crewing related processes across the Group.

In the new environment, the ™Seanique implementation covers the unified crew and payroll process of Vroon management companies in a single installation. Vroon’s management companies have already started to benefit from more efficiency in work-flows, up-to-date information, and thus (in-direct) cost savings.

Rob Frenks, Group ICT Manager, observed that the implementation of ™Seanique is bringing Vroon an important step closer to an integrated ICT platform, with Dynamics AX as a cornerstone. Graeme Sheach, Finance Manager, Vroon Offshore Services Ltd, Aberdeen, UK commented simply “Seanique Payroll runs very well here – I am a big fan!”

Diederic van Keulen, Group Head Crewing, commented that crew management information is now available at various levels throughout the organisation, which is beneficial for the organisation in respect of transparency, alignment and setting policies.

The Vroon and SOFTimpact project teams would like to thank all colleagues, key and end users who have contributed to the success of this huge undertaking and confirm their commitment for continued support and improvements.


Vroon Group – is a diversified, international shipping company with headquarters in the Netherlands and various management companies. With more than a century’s experience, Vroon delivers reliable, high-quality and cost-effective services, based on traditional values and a proven track record. Vroon has a professional shore-based staff of 400 and around 4, 000 marine personnel worldwide. Vroon operates and manages a diverse fleet of approximately 165 vessels, transporting livestock, dry cargo, containers, automobiles, and clean and dirty oil products, as well as a large fleet of offshore-support vessels. All ships meet current stringent safety and environmental requirements and follow rigorous maintenance programmes. The company has a fleet-expansion and newbuilding programme in place to guarantee the highest level of service with modern vessels.

SOFTimpact – is an IT service provider based in Cyprus focusing on software solutions for the maritime industry. By partnering its customers from initial consulting, to actual development, to management of the implemented solution, SOFTimpact allows its customers to concentrate on their core business. SOFTimpact is completely dedicated to implementing innovative I.T solutions anywhere in the world. ™Seanique, SOFTimpact’s crewing and payroll software solution for the maritime industry, is built on Microsoft Dynamics AX environment a secure investment with planned future releases, integrations to existing applications, user friendly and familiar interface to users.


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