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The launch of “Blue Brother”, the offshore supply vessel for the Bambini Company

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The launching

The launching

Adria, 16th March – A new launch for Vittoria Shipyard in Adria (Italy). The ceremony for Blue Brother took place in the waters of the River Canalbianco-Po. The supply vessel will be leased out to Bambini di Ravenna, which is one of the most important maritime transport companies in Italy, specialized in providing offshore support services. The new vessel is property of the shipowning company Adriese di Navigazione, which is also the holding company of the group the Vittoria Shipyard belongs to. Both the “Adriese” and “Vittoria” firms have the same shareholding group, which is controlled by the Duò family.

Blue Brother is set to provide support services to petrol platforms and offshore installations, special transport (with capacity for up to 80 people) and is licensed for international sailing. The new prototype is 51.75 metres long and 9.20 metres wide and can reach 28 knots. Construction started in March 2015 and only took a year. The contract worth 11 million Euros.

Building supply vessels is one of the many specialities of Vittoria Shipyard, which through continual research work and innovation on hull performances, has managed to achieve impressive levels of speed and seakeeping given size and construction material, aluminium. Blue Brother is provided with a DP2 class dynamic positioning system produced by Kongsberg that allows the vessel to keep its position by automatically adjusting the power and direction of the propellers. The vessel is equipped with four Cummins KTA50-M2 engines, which produce 1342 kW each at 1900 rpm.

This is not the first delivery made to the Bambini company. Vittoria Shipyard has already built ships of this type, Blue Mommy and Blue Daddy, as well as two Shuttle 200s for passenger transport.

“Launch time”, said Luigi Duò, president of Vittoria Shipyard “always represents the crowning moment of a collective effort that brings together workers, engineers and managers with the same passion. Flexibility and agility of the yard’s organisation allowed us to combine speed of construction and top quality standards, strengthening a lengthy collaborative relationship with the Bambini company, of which we are all proud.”

Technical specifications and special services:

                Fire Fighting System

                Dynamic position DP2

Main engines          n.4 CUMMINS KTA50-M2 1342 kW @ 1900 RPM

Gearbox                   n.4 ZF type 5050 A r = 2, 962:1

Propulsion               n.4 propellers d = 1370 mm

Gensets                    n.3 175 kVA/cad 50 Hz – n.1 emergency genset 95 kVA 50 Hz

Vittoria Shipyard

The company, established in Adria (Rovigo) in 1927 by the Duò family, designs and builds military, paramilitary work and commercial vessels according to the highest quality standards proven by ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems – Requirements), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), OHSAS 18001 (Safety and Workers’ Health Management System) and ISO 3834-2 (Automatic and Manual Welding) certifications. Since its foundation, Vittoria Shipyard has built more than 860 ships, awarding over time various supplies of vessels for the Italian Coast Guard, Fire Department, Custom Police and Navy. The company also awarded several international tenders for Malta, Cyprus, Libya, Croatia, Slovenia, Tunisia and Romania. The Shipyard recently delivered to the Italian Custom Police the twin offshore patrol vessels Monte Sperone and Monte Cimone, 58 meters long, the largest ships ever built for this unit and current flagships boats.

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