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New guidance promotes a healthy workplace

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Slingsby logoWORKPLACE equipment supplier Slingsby says all employers can take heed of recently published guidelines on workplace policy and management practices, with minimal investment, that aim to improve the health and wellbeing of employees.

The guidance from healthcare watchdog the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) advises employers to develop policies that support a positive workplace culture and promote a good work-life balance for employees.  It suggests there should be a degree of flexibility surrounding work scheduling, giving employees control of their time.

The guidelines also highlight the importance of senior leaders acting as role models and encourages them to proactively challenge any behaviour and actions that could adversely affect employee health and wellbeing.

Slingsby supplies more than 35, 000 workplace products across all industries including a wide range of equipment that can significantly improve workplace environments, ranging from outdoor seating to cooling products and changing room facilities to ergonomic furniture.

The company’s Group Sales and Marketing Director, Lee Wright, explains: “Key reasons for poor workplace health often include long irregular hours, lack of control over work and discriminatory practices.  However, in addition to all this, the effect that poor work environments can have on employees’ lives should never be underestimated.

“When it comes to improving employee health and wellbeing, the first thing to consider is the work environment as a whole as well as individual work stations.  Just making a few simple improvements, such as creating an inviting area where people can spend their break times or taking steps to ensure people are comfortable at their work stations can make a huge difference to a workplace and its atmosphere.

“Most forward thinking employers already take this on board but all organisations and business, regardless of size, should heed this advice from NICE.  Ultimately, making positive changes will translate into improved morale and productivity so there’s also a great business case for it.”

To see the full range of guidance visit www.nice.org.uk.  For further information about Slingsby and its range of products visitwww.slingsby.com or call 0800 294 4440.

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