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Is it or it is the end of the Mighty Continent?

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John N. Faraclas - at his back the Trireme Olympias, Athenian and Greek Hegemony's mastership weapon which saved the Democratic Values of Planet Oean

John N. Faraclas – at his back the Trireme Olympias, Athenian and Greek Hegemony’s mastership weapon which saved the Democratic Values of Planet Ocean

Without Prejudice

With BREXIT, GREXIT and all the mess in Europe and its periphery, this summer will determine not only the future of the Mighty Continent but that of all nations and blocs on Planet Ocean; John Faraclas’ insight:  

We have already uploaded a few articles  and interviews  on various issues creating havoc in Europe; Europe in its entirety and not just the European Union and or the EUROLAND nations.

The way that Brussels – under the hegemony of Germany, USA’s wrongly appointed proxy leader, have dealt with all issues, proves that the other side of the Atlantic is “pursuing” – without “knowing”,  another policy of total destruction of Europe.  This means that we are going for WWIII.- Frankly “speaking” though, in the beginning it was all fine with Germany holding the steering wheel of Europe, but then, particularly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Bautas fell too… With all due respect, the American Administrations have, on this issue, the wrong advisors; time to change them!

We demand an end to Germany’s wrong policies which have led in a messy Europe. A Europe battered from all fronts due to Germany’s role and fight to survive at the expense of all Europeans. A Europe unsafe from Migrants trying to spoil the social cohesion. A Europe dangerous to live due to Terrorism. A Europe which began to be the pride of all blocs, but now looks ready to fall into pieces

You don’t need any -EXIT, Europe is dead!

Despite the above, we hope German leaders come down to their senses before coming down to their knees. The way they tackled the Greek people tells it all. The way they tackle the Migrants issue again speaks of itself. The Migrants issue become humanity’s worst nightmare; shame!

Greece has been the number one staunch supporter of the USA, NATO and Europe in the South East Europe/Med like no one else, particularly all through-out the Cold War and beyond! Greece deserves not just a better treatment, nobody likes favouritism, but justice! Just to remind the world that Greece has ready to offer is merchant fleet and support every eventuality, as Greeks during both World War Wars and other emergencies! Never forget this!

I guess the Americans must intervene and save the day; they have done so after WWII. It is their responsibility to correct their policy towards Europe and speak up. Russia too must stay put; it seems equally that Putin does not like the German policy.

Time is running out and unimaginable things might happen due to the appalling situations all over Europe, thanks to Germany’s pathetic leaders. ENOUGH!

P.S.: Of course Germany tries to protect its interests, but that should not be at the expense of say Greece and others. One can still witness the German foreign policy imposing a heavy burden on Greece and in particular on Greece’s neighbours (favouring all of them). British people too are very worried and alarmed hence they demand/ want, if they stay, another deal, and rightly so! How about a Constitution for Europe Mrs. Merkel??

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Michael Bishcoff June 2, 2016 - 6:53 PM

Why are we subjected to the rantings of this man blaming Greece’s problems on everyone else??? The World knows how Greece got to where it is. Rampant corruption of its politicians, allowing it’s citizens to cheat on taxes and thus starving it’s revenue sources to pay overly generous pension and public works pay…Greece has no one to blame but it’s own politicians and “leaders” for it’s woes. Most savvy Greek shipowners live overseas, seeing the handwriting on the wall years ago.


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