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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Indeed this is the case as we have numerous times, not only hinted, but explicitly reported and explained over the last five years in many articles at allaboutshipping.co.uk uploads of what is yet to come. John Faraclas warning message to the shipping industry:

The next couple of weeks will really become very crucial in shaping Planet Ocean for the inevitable. This time the religious aspect will play the most important role and the main ingredient for the hostilities to begin leading to World-wide uncontainable conflagrations. It seems that the Pope of Rome, following the despicable atrocities in France, with the assassination of Father Jacques Hamel in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, and other events, particularly those in Paris, Nice and Brussels, is absolutely right in saying that the lack of  security is war itself! I guess that nearly 70 years of peace, in general, come to an end and War will erupt in the same way like a volcano leading to earthquake tremors and destruction. Tsunamis will cover nearly everything; the Planet Ocean will reach the edge! Technically speaking we are at an economic war and the hostilities will only be a normal thing to expect. See the strangulation of Greece and try to see what is yet to come. It will be an asymmetrical warfare!

In the para above I mention the words “main ingredient” as there are also many more factors: Unemployment, austerity, credit crunch, breaking of Unions (see the BREXIT and get the message), colossal private and public debts, scandals of incalculable extent, terrorism – and in shipping piracy which although lately reduced, always looms in the background.  Add the main ten regions werw already terrible situations prevail and see what you get:

1.The Gibraltar to Afghanistan area which contains the entire Middle East including its periphery which is in trouble ever since 1948 with the creation of Israel. Israel has every right to defend itself; equally the rest of the surrounding Israel nations. The silly organised Arab Spring with a stupid “architects” plans,  become a total failure. The latest ISIS madness, which is backed by many political and religious morons from all over the world, will soon make it impossible for a real peace as the super-power and its allies have the wrong policy and info… Their informants are too much big-headed and blind, possibly on purpose; that’s serious!

2.The long lasting division of Cyprus.

3.The Greco-Turkish issue with Turkey disputing everything and blackmailing everybody…

4.The Russian expansionism both in the north as well as in the Black Sea and its periphery. Putin’s patience cannot be taken for granted; he will strike!

5.The Chinese unilateral expansionism in South China Sea upsetting Vietnam, The Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and others.

6.The North Koreas’ leader on purpose madness and proxy dealings with China…

7.The poverty issue in Africa and South/Latin America.

8.The Indonesia multi issue with Australia and others with Islam flexing its muscles there..

9.The Balkans still unsettled, and

10.The India/Pakistan/China unsettled Kashmir issue.

Shall we go further: add the energy issues and control, as well as pricing the energy products and see where this will lead us.

The Russians were very wise to let go of all their Muslim ex-Soviet Socialistic Democracies – remind you the cost for confronting Chechnya, the Widows of Moscow and other such Muslim atrocities…

Turkey is the key and also the lock in its periphery, but here (in the region) there are some others who know how to break both the key and the lock! Enough from this Turkish blackmail and under cover-up  building a hard core Islam!

Fishing rights you said?

Stubborn politicians like Mrs. Angela Merkel or Mr. Wolfgang Schäuble  and their European Union subordinates are also creating havoc on earth; enough!

Sea Lanes and Canals

We leave it here and we will revert soon, but remember that the sea lanes and dire straits are very important for the shipping industry and its multi-modal logistics (intermodalism in short) and we will not allow to be blackmailed as the 4/5th of the world’s Canals and Straits are under countries who worship Islam! We will ensure at all costs that they remain open and serviceable, be it Suez, Aden, Malacca, The Dardanelles leading to the Black Sea, Aden, Hormuz or even Gibraltar and Kiel Canal, so the nine plus billon tonnes of cargoes smoothly go through feeding and warming the 7, 5 billon people on this Planet.

Beware of suicide bombers and actions of incalculable magnitude and scale as it seems this is the weapon which for the time being it makes them unstoppable; the Islamic brotherhood style and religious cover up of attacks must be contained.

Shipyards, Airports, Terminals and Ports and any means of transport infrastructure must be made safe – bridges, warehouses, tunnels, the lot.  We have to secure everything today to avoid the future’s further mess. It will be a long war! This is also a chance to offer jobs under the security threat and reduce unemployment to something like ten percent worldwide, with the selection of these employees being the most difficult task!

We must at any cost protect our Seafarers!

War father of all; if you don’t destroy you cannot rebuild; this is the pitiful message of history and humankind!

P.S.: As you can verify from our articles so far, particularly the Market reports coupled as always with Geopolitics, this article is more than a warning message! Wake up!

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