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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Another Skyfall of the markets continued today and coupled with the geopolitical uncertainty due to the many unsettled issues around Planet Ocean – as a result of the inability of our politicians and diplomats, make us say: ain’t seen nothing yet! John Faraclas’ midweek recap:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 40 points earlier on today and now reads 756 points thanks to the as ever volatile Capers, which lost 163 points, bringing the BCI 2014 down to 1,444 points!

The Panamaxes lost seven and the BPI now stands at 649 points.

Losses for the Supras too with the BSI down six points at 665.

A pause for the Handies and its respective BHSI …stranded at 415 points.

The Wets once again with ups and downs; the last published BDTI (DIRTIES) and BCTI (CLEANS) gained five (now at 548) and lost six (now at 396) points respectively…

The Hanjin saga continues being not just the talk in the Square Mile, but EVERYWHERE! There are more companies to follow Hanjin at the bottom of the oceans…

Following on from VesselsValue Country Report series, here is the latest report looking at the number of vessels that are currently at demolition value split by ship type and geographical location.

VesselsValue’s provides the market and scrap value for each individual vessel every single day, and we as well as you, our international readership/viewers, can see the percentage of the global fleet currently sitting at scrap value. A great source of information: How many vessels at demolition value

Finally on the Ship Finance front we hear and read of successful loan restructurings; excellent for those companies who really deserve it and are capable to continue!

The price of WTI diving at US$ 43.64 as these lines are written – 23:02 BST. Now that’s trouble! Watch it!

Now then, let me now ask you what do YOU think about this market, eh! Do please comment in writing at the space provided at the end of this and every posting. Let’s see how brave you are to write and contribute to our Special Survey on the Markets! Personally and as per the title of today’s recap, it is indeed a blessing in disguise as it is about time all those newcomers and old guard with old brains to leave and allow those capable to reap the benefits of the 7,5 billion tonnes of cargoes.  Owners and their advisors as it has been proven until this very moment, cannot think outside of the box and are totally unaware of how promising the shipping transport is… Otherwise expect a messy geopolitical environment which we have in length explained yesterday as well as in previous recaps.

The MIGRANTS are still the issue on top of the list with incalculable repercurssions until we see a change in the political front – still too many unsettled scores amongst the super powers, still! We live in an inhumane world; we live in interesting times!

SYRIA: will the ceasefire last? We doubt it! Be ready for round three…a very deadly round to come as proxy parties still cannot agree the basics! Add Turkey’s interference and see what is coming up! Kurds will not back off this time, nor will the Armenians! The end of WWI and today are two different things…

The Turkish president feels offend by the way the German press refers to him… Be prepared for the coming Turkish mess and explosion…. Good in this respect to see the European Union Commission president Jean Claude Juncker preparations for a European Army with headquarters, structure and aims and above all a mandate much needed today! Time for this European Army to take on ISIS here and now!

BREXIT: the issue of the Millennium! That’s how we see BREXIT in allaboutshipping . co.uk., which now begins to take shape, particularly as there are second thoughts around from both sides, within and from the outside, by an affected European Union and the world at large; love it! Chaos! Let’s see who thrives in chaos!

IMHR 2016 earlier on today at the Royal College of Surgeons, London, was yet a triumph of hope and let’s work all together for this humane cause! Congrats to the organisers for inviting this diverse subject speakers from all over Planet Ocean!

Liberia hosted a press launch today at Le Pont de la Tour in Tower Hill where Scott Bergeron on a great day, successfully responded to all 21 questions put forward by ten top of the range journalists!

GREECE and …GREXIT? Why not! Time is of essence Mr. Tsipras; time to reflect and say good bye. Equally we wonder and we are pessimistic for the up and coming opposition; only solution the Aristos government who can make Mrs. Merkel and her cronies regret what they did and continue to do to the Greek People and also to the south of Europe! The dice is cast; just wait and see… Hands off Greece Mrs. Merkel!

We eagerly await the 11th ATHEX road show next week in the British Capital! It is through the ATHEX that Greece can flourish but under a different political system and regime! We are still open for a live debate on any A1 class TV station; we will then unleash our… wrath of Gods!

US elections – race to the White House; a clean bill of lading …err a clean Health certificate is a must for both candidates for their own reasons – you dead well know what I mean!

New York: Capital Link’s Summit yesterday was more than a success!

Get geared for Maritime Malta’s Summit 3-6 October– see the respective info in this site…

The Paralympics continue in Rio so does the war on drugs with the Russians seeking a revenge; watch this space! Hope that after 2025 all Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place in Olympia, western Peloponnese in Greece; it’s about time!

Have a nice evening and be on guard as things WILL SOON TURN NASTY!

P.S: Despite all the above, this is the best ever buyers’ market for all type of ships; renewal write now with specialist ships. Arrange the funds needed and go ahead!

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