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Missing the Markets sustainability; geopolitical chaos ante portas…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The BDI  (Baltic Dry Index) closed up just two points at 894 proving lack of steam in the Markets; the Geopolitical issues will create more than chaos. This is warning message; John Faraclas’ daily recap:

The Capers continued their controlled fall and the Panamaxes their “controlled” advancement. The BCI 2014 closed down 15 points and now stands at 2,003 – just four points sort of falling below the 2,000 point mark; CAUTION!

The Panamaxes’ BPI gained 19 points – now reading 838; not bad, but again, neither the Capers’ nor the Panamaxes’ rise constitute a healthy and sustainable Market given Planet Oceans worst economic chaos which few have the guts to admit. Add the Container Trade’s  mess and possible collapses…

The Supras’ BSI gained a further two points with the BSI at 676…

The Handies’ BHSI also s gained two points now at 413 points.

So nothing special as yet to lift the Dry Markets given, what we have analysed many times – see our report 14 Oct. 2016, that we are far apart the December 2013 levels and the current Geopolitical situation; end of the story!

The Wets gained on both the Dirties and the Cleans; the last published BDTI and BCTI stood at 673 (up 16) and 390 (up five) respectively.

The price of WTI at 18:00 BST stood just below the US$ 50 mark at US$ 49.69 – that is good given that any rise above the US$50 will be a burden for all societies given the worst global recession. It might though go over the US$ 50 mark, but…

The Geopolitics produce a much tensed situation and technically the Planet Ocean is engaged in wars which will lead soon to a major conflagration!

The MIGRANTS issue continues as in our last report in all fronts. Italy, Greece and their islands, Malta are the forefront of this despicable issue. The UK is about, as we said over the weekend to receive the unaccompanied children from Calais who will join their relatives. The MIGRANTS issue is a stigma for our society. We have to repeat: Shame for the politicians and diplomats who have been subjected to high level orders and failed to deliver; end of the story. Nemesis though will strike!

The War for the controlling Syria – because that is all about, continues relentlessly! It is not only ISIS, it is more as you can understand at stake there. Liberating Syria and Iraq from ISIS and as you read these lines Mosul from ISIS is one thing and totally agreeable; letting the Turks being involved in this process you make Erdogan open his appetite to claim even …Vienna! Indeed this predictably unpredictable Turkish leader, following his weekend’s statements vis-à-vis Western Thrace, Thessaloniki in Northern Greece, the Aegean Islands and other places around Turkey such as Cyprus, Northern Iraq might ignite an unprecedented war and his backers must stop him here and now. We have stressed this many times before! Blackmailing the world knowingly can backfire! The major powers have to stop this man who only knows how to ignite his people and attack nations using his …heart’s feelings, as in the recent pathetic speech in Rize (Rizounta), an ancient Hellenic and Byzantine town occupied by the Ottoman Turks and now by Turkey – does his likes this reply? The name Rize comes from Greek ρίζα (riza) or Ριζαίον (Rizaion, it means “mountain slopes”). Mr. Erdogan, read and learn history!

BREXIT continues; a very delicate issue and it seems now that Europe and its leaders come to terms with the BREXIT realities and what this entails for the sort and long term! The Sterling is having quite a time, so does the other major currencies! The United Kingdom and its Prime Minister Mrs. May are on the move to create new trade alliances and improve others. We live in interesting times with BREXIT, and soon you will see why!

FREXIT and ITEXIT will follow; just wait and see. GREXIT is still on the cards! Europe enters a messy period in all fronts!

In Greece the situation, despite the media’s coverage is worse than one thinks. Too much hype, arrogance and greediness for power from all in the Greek Parliament. Things might get sour as the Greek boat sails without a compass… Expect the unexpected in Greece unless as we have proposed, an ARISTOS governments rules Greece for ten years, streamlines the country and save its people from total catastrophe as Mrs. Merkel and Brussels only wish the destruction of Greece – their actions prove so far what we believe is happening. By the way, no elections are needed.-

Nasty news from Germany following the BASF disaster there. We will have more and certainly will advise you as this is also an event in a port, the Ludwigshafen. BASF centre there is the world’s biggest chemical complex!

The combatants in the US presidential elections, which is 23 days away, are creating the worse ever atmosphere witnessed in history. Donald Trump and his sex cases are disgusting. We love …SHEX (and FHEX) in shipping, but not all these SEX palaver… As for Mrs. Clinton, oh well, she will be haunted for her emails etc. Wonder why president Putin doesn’t like her. In any event, between these two who diminish the American Society, Mrs. Clinton is the better choice! In elections though, expect odd things to happen…

In Eastern Ukraine things might get sour. It will become a major flush point and Russia in no way will back-off; nor from Crimea, NEVER! The West, NATO, and the disillusioned European Union / Europe cannot go for war, as if this happens it will devastate once again Europe. If the alliance between Russian and Turkey strengthens, this will be bad news for Europe. Both Russia and Turkey need acid politics and diplomacy to get the message, but equally the West’s move to the East, is stupid. It should have been effected by the late General Patton at the time of his prime, but an accident eradicated the West’s overall win over the then Soviet Union; unless all these happenings from 1945 today were also well planned and for a some “reason”… There hasn’t ever been an end of the Cold War; these are fantasizes – in reality, and this is a personal view which we have previously expressed is that: Russia under the Tsars or Soviet Union under its “socialist” leaders, or Russia now under Putin is one and the same thing: a super power and will remain as such for the foreseeable future! It is natural, if you thing as a pragmatist what is needed to preserve the Slavic race! Finally what will Rose Gottemoeller’s appointment as no.2 of NATO creates? A specialist in Russian affairs, a silent but very powerful lady is expected to turn things upside down, until she wins! Watch this space!

China, despite the diminishing economics has put two men into orbit; this will increase its influence in the South China Sea – remember this! Times are changing; space is not just power, but knowledge leading to other sectors for world control!

Japan is closely watching all Chinese developments and by no means the Japanese intent to lose their supremacy in the region; not with China and North Korea at a close breath… AND Russia…

That’s all for today, more tomorrow. Be on guard though for every eventuality…

Have a nice evening!

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Despoina Foka October 19, 2016 - 5:36 AM

Ιnteresting. I keep that:

“The Geopolitics produse a much tensed gituation and technically the planet Ocean is egaged in wars which will leed soon to a magor conflagration”.

Despoina Foka October 19, 2016 - 5:41 AM

Very interesting. I think you talk about all the hot topics of the planet.


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