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Portland, Australia
2017 Christmas Berthing Protocol
Tuesday, December 5, 2017, Portland, Australia

This berthing protocol guides the Port of Portland’s decisions about berthing/unberthing vessels over the Christmas period.

Vessels will not be berthed or unberthed between 1700 hours on the 24 December and 0600 hours on the 26 December – all berthing or unberthing operations will need to be completed by 1700 hours on the 24 December and will resume at 0600 hours on the 26 December. At the discretion of the Harbour Master, some allowances may be given if there are several vessels due to unberth on the 24 December at/about 1700 hours or berth on the 26 Decemberat/about 0600 hours.

In the event of an emergency, vessels will be berthed or unberthed as required at the discretion of the duty Harbour Master after due consideration has been given to circumstances.

(For information about operations at Australian ports contact GAC Australia at shipping.australia@gac.com)

Source: Port of Portland (www.portofportland.com.au) notice dated 5 December 2017

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