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Gesture in painting

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with Maray Georgoussis

Just a quick reminder: The multipurpose center “artville” invites you  today,  Monday 18 June at 8.00 pm in a conversation with the painter Vangelis Tzermia and the Art Historian Maray Georgoussis, entitled “The Gesture in Painting”. Entrance is free.

The event is organized and presented by the Art Historian Maray Georgousis, who mentions for the artist:”…The ship that emerges through the work of Vangelis Tzermias is not only a model of research of the expressive possibilities of the form but also acts as a symbol, recalling memories. The boat, the sea, the convergence of our horizons travel us experientially in either calm or turmoil (effervescent) mental states. The design form as it moves away from the visual reality is transformed into a morphic unity that activates the senses.

The artist typically works in his works starting from the abstract by reaching the concrete result. He wants to lead the viewer into the  freedom of thought and ultimately to redemption. In his most abstract works he works quite “gesturally” without reproducing a specific subject. Its own goal is not abstract or unarguable, but attempts to create new fields of further exploration of the ramifications (of the branches) of the subject .

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