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HELMEPA and the Aegean Sailing Regatta at the island of Lipsi

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All participants in a photo call…

The informative and awareness-raising activities are continuing with HELMEPA’s support in the framework of the 55th Aegean Sailing Regatta, which the organizer, Hellenic Offshore Racing Club (HORC), has dedicated this year to the protection of the seas.

On 25th July, on the picturesque island of Lipsi, which is the 2nd stop of this year’s Aegean Sailing Regatta, 35 volunteer sailors, the Captain and members of the crew of the Hellenic Navy vessel “Plotarchis Blessas” carried out a symbolic cleanup of the coast opposite the port of the island.

During the clean-up

Despite the intense sunshine and heat, the volunteers collected a large number of mostly small pieces and fragments of plastics between large quantities of posidonia (marine plants), algae and natural materials that had been washed out on the coast. On the way back to the port the volunteers also gathered scattered litter items.

Another view from the clean-up

At the beginning and at the end of the action, a scientific staff member of HELMEPA informed the volunteers on the major problem of marine plastic pollution and discussed proper management of waste on recreational boats. Furthermore, a representative of the Institute of Marine Conservation “Archipelagos”, that holds a permanent local research base on the island, spoke about the valuable ecosystem of the region and the environmental research and protection activities taking place in Lipsi and the surrounding islands.

Did I hear you say plastics…?

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