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The sculpture by Kostas Ananidas

An early tribute to the Wife of the Seafarer at Galaxidi

Nearly 10 years ago – 20 September 2008, in a  unique gathering of the international shipping community at Galaxidi, at the centre more or less of the Corinthian Gulf in Greece, the unveiling ceremony of the Memorial to the Wife of the Seafarer took place. This year on this special anniversary events will take place in honour of all wives of seafarers from all over the world and it also coincides with the 70th Anniversary of the IMO!

We were fortunate to be in the area at lunch time today and we created a short film in remembrance the event as well as to send a strong message for the continuity of the Seafaring profession in Greece and beyond. For Greece in particular opting for a Seafaring job under today’s despicable economic circumstances and with the rate of unemployment running at 20 (twenty) centum this is a must. Add the fact that we need a training ship, another explicit necessity!

This international memorial  to the Wife of  the Seafarer  was commissioned by the Maritime Community in recognition of her unique contribution to the cause of family, shipping and mankind!We are also congratulating today’s wives of all Seafarers for their support, the most unique support you can imagine! They deserve it! Here you go:

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