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Has George A. Papandreou learned his lesson yet?

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A full house …awaiting George A. Papandreou

As you read these lines, George A. Papandreou …aka GAP, is talking to Prof. Kevin Featherstone  – director of the Hellenic Observatory at the LSE –  a full house must admit, downstairs at the Sheikh Zayed Theatre in the New Academic Building at the London School of Economics.

Tonight’s  theme is on “Lessons learned from the Greek Crisis: reflections from George Papandreou”.

As the title of our breaking news says, it seems that until this very  moment he cannot take any responsibility whatsoever.

And here we go with …wishful thinking

He blames the EU, former Greece’s PMs from the new Democracy party Kostas Karamanlis and Antonis Samaras as well as the global markets. In my view he still has hallucinations  as he believes that if his modernising programme had been allowed  in 2011-2012  the so called Third Memorandum (third rescue ackage)  wouldn’t be needed. Seems is he not interested in political power and thinks that street level citizen movements  are to be supported…

On new technologies he says that may be the global answer but on the other hand this is dangerous as it widens the gap between society.

The main issue remains: The Greek people still pay the damage of his wrong decisions… He, as well as all politicians of his “calibre” must understand the distinction between the politician manager and the leader…!

The finale… the cap is off…

Will revert with a full report before midnight… Until then, Mind the GAP!

P.S. Thanks to our man in Habana that we can report to you all!

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