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The BDI@1,339: The roulette wheel keeps turning. It all depends on what day of the week you fix

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John Faraclas

The BDI@1,339: The roulette wheel keeps turning. It all depends on what day of the week you fix. Just compare to only 5 days ago (22/11) and see what you get out of this. The BCI has exactly doubled whilst Handies and Supras are completely flat; all the Capes heading to China. Geopolitics get a swirl to the worse. John Faraclas’ daily brief recap:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) gained three-digit-points: 122 earlier on today “thanks” to the Capes’ rise; this is beyond business shipping imagination. Indeed we wish the BDI to go over and above the 2,000 points here and now and more importantly see all indices substantially up, but… here is NOT a “casino”… CAUTION!

The Capes, the “culprits” of the Dry Market gained 381 points and now the BCI stands at 2,170 surpassing also the 2,000 point threshold. Never ever before under the prevailing shipping markets and world economic parameters and specifically the law of demand and supply we have witnessed such an oxymoron situation. Still “unexplained” and we have the patience to see, hopefully soon what really happens next…

A bit of the norm, performance-wise with the Panamaxes; the BPI was up 27 points and now reads 1,416.

Supras and Handies’ fall, even minor, continues. The BSI lost four points and now stands at 943 whilst the BHSI  lost two and reads 631…

Mixed feelings for the Wets; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 1,127 – minus three and 669 – plus nine points respectively.

The WTI dropped slightly to US$ 51.56 from its final closing yesterday of US$ 51.63… Must see same under the US$50.00 level!

Anyway; always remember: tomorrow it is another day that as another songs explicit mentions: Everybody Knows…!

Geopolitics took a swirl so to speak as things develop faster than real time and there is a sentiment of despicable times ahead all over Planet Ocean which will greatly affect one way or another the Trade status  and conversely the Shipping Adventure. As we have long time ago warned you all: Armageddon is here AND will stay not just TO stay.

We have reasons to believe that we might see terrible events and Apocalypse’s time is coming; the shit will hit the fan!

MIGRANTS, The Wars in the Middle East, The entire faulty line from Gibraltar (Gib as we call it) to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa as events evolve proves our prognosis and judgement. Turkish bullying and blackmailing despicable tactics will affect us all. CAUTION! As Greece is being accused in the international media almost every day for the living conditions in the more than overcrowded Migrant centres, we wish all these glitterati journalists and their political cronies as well as the NGO’s to demand from the EU, NATO and all five permanent members of UN’s Security Council to reprimand Erdogan Turks and in particular the Turkish military for its on purpose “disposal” of Migrants on the Eastern Aegean Greek islands. How come all these years, NATO’s second largest army “let” all these people and traffickers operate? Eh! Obviously the Greek Government luck’s leadership and even appropriate verbal and written expression on the issue… when referring to this point. In the USA/ Mexican borders things are paranoiac… but president Trump at least offers us to see how determined he is… which counts for other issues…

Greece’s credit crunch continues. The whole situ is simply pathetic!

Cyprus due to the oil and gas reserves in the region might get the Turkish wrath unless both presidents Trump and Putin intervene, as we do not see anything coming to the right direction from Europe’s leader Frau Merkel! After a recent remark by president Trump, can she seek oil from the Aegean Sea offering Peace to Greece, Turkey and Cyprus and help pragmatically the European Union and beyond?

The East Med will “deliver” a mess if we don’t confront the situation with projected realism; end of the story.- Syria and Iraq being involved too, Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian ongoing saga contribute to the uncertainty in the East Med region…

Did I hear you say Balkans? And what about the latest Russian – Ukraine mess; CAUTION.

BREXIT now turns the screw; pity to see Mrs Theresa May being attacked in an unprecedented way even by e own party undisciplined members. Let’s see what the Treasury Report says tomorrow! BREXIT as it evolves and few had the guts to announce at the early stages to all in the United Kingdom and in Europe is more than a perplexed issue involving the Irish Island in its entirety, Gibraltar and possibly other areas of BREXIT’s jargon…

Italy’s deliberations with Brussels on the Italian Budget will also open the Pandora’s Box of Revelations and that will ALSO assist Greece who has been strangulated by the Germans and their cronies in Brussels.

At the other side of the Atlantic the MIGRANTS create havoc as said above in the MIGRANTS para… meantime immy after the Russian-Ukraine clash there were eyebrows for the Trump – Putin meeting… The president has also concerns on the BREXIT and how same will affect USA/UK business relationship…

South America lives an Evita show with the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires… Argentina though is still in a messy situation and one of Planet Ocean’s richest countries is been in financial rubbles; do you read me Mrs. Lagarde! You have made it a mess in Greece, come on admit it straight forward without side-trucking…

Latin America from Mexico down to Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego is in a financial mess. Will Bolsonaro change things for Brazil and the entire Latin Americas? What’s up in Venezuela – a bit of silence lately…

In Africa now, the continent of poverty, we can see unusual things being aired; Tanzania president for example prefers Chine to Western aid… Any comment please? South Africa needs a big change to get its act together with its finances. One of the World’s most powerful and important counties – and Shipping centres, is in the brink of a messy decade ahead unless…

China might soon get more “punishment” from the USA with more Tariffs and Posidon knows on what else… Japan is closely watching the situation… A bit of silence from the Korean peninsula…

Australia is faced with natural disasters; terrible rain and until now we don’t know much, but tomorrow we might have more news. A country struck by a dust cloud and now with a dubious rainfall to come according to Met prognosis and our family and friends down there.

On another tone an note we attended three events today; to business ones in the Square Mile and one in the West End at Planet Ocean’s administrative capital of shipping.

Closing remarks by Max Taylor; to his left the panel with (on a l to r): Sheikh Zubair Miah, Jon Guy, David Testa, Prof. Mohammed Abdel -Haq, Cameron Murray and Peter Greengrass

An early start at the Old Library at Lloyd’s of London with the much awaited event of IIAL – London Conference. The Islamic Insurance Association of London (IIAL) really makes waves.

Max Tailor and Jon Guy Chairman and Secretary General respectively of IIAL both on a great day. We will revert with a full report on this more than important event which was boosted by the University of Bolton, Lloyd’s of London and IUA – from where we got the invite.

Except the speeches / presentations the brief debate at the end moderated by John Guy titled “How does the London Market deliver? What and where do the responsibilities lay?”, was a timely reminder of the importance of the Islamic world now at 1.8 billion people on Planet Ocean, as well as that of London as a Shipping, Insurance, Educational and Financial Centre! Over a dozen questions “sealed” the event with focusing on the events main issues; Delivering Capacity – Driving Standards – Developing Expertise!

Nick Vaughan (right) introduces Konstantin Petrov

The other event was of paramount importance given the time factor.

At Lloyd’s Register’s historic General Committee Room –  in one of Planet Ocean’s most important landmarks and Temples of Shipping listed buildings,  Konstantin Petrov, head of Regulatory Affairs, Technical Policy Group at the Society’s Southampton’s Global technology Centre, updated us on the International Regulatory Developments.

His Future legislative developments slides presentation included:

Recently adopted IMO legislation,

Potential IMO developments, and

Notable EU requirements

With two important and well construed slides he was very clear. A good number of questions followed making it an interesting debate.

Hope will revert soon with a write up; excellent as it was food for thought given also the pre-event excellent greek-style buffet lunch!

We were please to attend as after our involvement with IBIA’s 2018 Convention in Copenhagen, things with the environment and scrubbers and other issues he mentioned, get tentative for both sides of the equation: shipowners and regulators. The issue is who regulates the regulators…

Prof. Gonda Van Steen, new Koraes Professor at King’s College London delivering her slides speech

The last event of the day was more than a unique one to be aired. A full house at the Friends Room in London’s Hellenic Centre attended the super and time lecture – it was about time on: “Adoption, Memory, and Cold War Greece: Kid pro quo?”. The new head of Koraes at King’s College London, Prof. Gonda Van Steen spelled it out! Add the fact that, coincidentally the Friends Room has still on Margarita Mavromichalis’ exhibition of photographs “Between Hope and Despair”, the despicable situation with MIGRANTS on the Aegean Greek Island of Lesvos! Some home truths come out. Indeed there are still skeletons in the USA’s, Greece’s, The Netherlands, and Israel’s cupboards – minor ones in other countries in post war (WWII) and geek civil war in Greece…

We will revert when the write up is ready…

That’s all for tonight; have a nice evening and remain on guard from dangers emanating from Pirates, Terrorists and any Criminal whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

P.S.: AMERIKA SQUARE, what a splash that was at BAFTA last night!

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