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Behavioural Competency Assessment

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In recent decades, the maritime industry has increasingly focused on ‘behaviour’ in relation to safety and operational performance.  This has, for the most part, been driven by the need to understand the ‘human element’ in many incidents, accidents and trends.

A joint initiative between Intertanko and the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) has resulted in the recent release of guidance in the form of a paper entitled ‘Behavioural Competency Assessment and Verification for Vessel Operators’. This document serves as a best practice guide for assessing officers’ soft skills through the monitoring of their behaviour.  The overall aim is to develop and improve both officers’ technical and soft skills for the benefit of each individual and of the onboard team of which they are a part.   Through the implementation of this system, there will be an increase in operational efficiency and a reduction in the number of incidents.

Seagull AS recognises the value of this guide and fully supports the methodology behind it.  We have therefore adopted and incorporate the Competency Assessment and Verification behavioral competencies as an appraisal form in our Performance Profiling Tool (PPRO). This tool is already in use for many years by shipping companies offering a digitalized solution to appraisal forms, commonly used as sign off interviews.

Competencies are listed within a framework consisting of six competency domains, being:

  • Team working
  • Communication and influencing
  • Situation Awareness
  • Decision Making
  • Results Focus
  • Leadership & Managerial skills

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