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The BDI@ 852: the effect is shuttering

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John Faraclas

The BDI ended with another loss making day, minus 53 points; Geopolitics become more than weird. John Faraclas daily briefing:

An expected fall as the Dry Market begins to dry out! The Capes’ BCI lost nearly 100 points – 99 to be precise! At 1,631 and with the 1,700 point-base lost anything can happen! And there is more to come… Brace!

The Panamaxes suffered losses too; the BPI lost 61 points and now stands at 687.-

The Supras’ BSI was down and now reads 552 – minus 24 points!!!

Another double digit loss for the Handies’ BHSI – minus 11 and at 384 looks vulnerable!

“Better look” for the Wets with the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) at 877 – plus two and 672 – plus four points respectively…

The WTI stood …down at US$ 51.99, a nice drop from last Friday’s US$ 53.69 closing; but tomorrow is another day…

The Geopolitical situation continues to deteriorate and many issues will go off hand soon.

The MIGRANTS on top, The Wars and the trouble-faulty zone from Gib to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa begins to burn, The Balkans and East Med, The Turkish provocations with the West still in a lethargic mode until the shit hits the fan and we have another former Yugoslavia in Turkey; possible!

For Brexit tomorrow Tuesday the 29th of January might be a crucial day. There are too many issues. Given that we vigorously disagree in the way the EU is being governed and in particular when they are clear Rules to get in but no clear Rules or even NO Rules to leave or get out or being expelled at best here we have a both to blame collision and we must all reason with reality. The public from both ends owes NOTHING to the Brussels bureaucrats and their backers and Westminster must also get its act together. Mrs. May has a task: to honour the Referendum; to honour the peoples vote, that’s Democratic in its entirety! Be prepared for surprises though!

In France, Paris in particular, the “foulards rouges” are countering to the “gilets jaunes” demanding an end to the violence witnessed at yellow-vest (gilets jaunes) rallies.

At the other side of the Atlantic now; in the USA the Shut down, the longest in USA’s history, the product of the MIGRANTS issue for funding the Mexican border Wall – US$ 6 billion with some extras…made the mess possible… Now he have one day after Cupid’s Day …err Valentines Day to see things through…

In South America the Vale saga following the collapse of the dam will have incalculable repercurssions for all involved and conversely for shipping. As of now 60 to 65 people lost their lives and hundreds are missing. Terrible!

In next door Venezuela the mess continues with 50 at least dead until now and hundreds injured. The USA imposes sanctions against the state-owned oil company PDVSA… The crisis is deepening and too many have “vested” interests there… Can Juan Guaidó succeed? An area to watch! CAUTION.

More news tomorrow.

Have a nice evening and remain on guard from action emanating by Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean.

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