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Improving cyber capabilities in the Caribbean

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Vinicio Mella, President, Fundación Tito Mella; Peter Greenwood, Country Manager, USTDA; Bryan Larson, Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy in Dominican Republic; Cynthia Hudson, Chief Executive Officer, HudsonTrident

 HudsonTrident and Fundación Tito Mella Awarded United States Trade and Development Agency Grant to Develop National Port Cybersecurity Assessment Platform in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, February 19, 2019 // HudsonTrident, Inc., an affiliate of
HudsonAnalytix, Inc., and the Fundación Tito Mella are pleased to announce the receipt of a United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) technical assistance grant to develop a national port cybersecurity assessment platform in the Dominican Republic. HudsonTrident’s HACyberLogix-informed assessment approach will enable four Dominican ports to cost-effectively assess their entire organizational cybersecurity capabilities and identify cybersecurity capability vulnerabilities. The assessments will support HudsonTrident, the Fundación Tito Mella, and the Dominican port industry in implementing a nationwide cybersecurity assessment platform to identify and manage cyber risks.

Cyber risk has grown in importance as maritime trade becomes increasingly automated and dependent
on information availability and accuracy while facing global threats. After the NotPetya attacks that
debilitated several port terminals and other maritime transportation organizations, port and maritime
stakeholders are increasingly recognizing the urgency to address the challenge of cyber threats. Further, the potential risks posed by the reliance on information systems have become a fundamental component of enterprise security for ports and shipping companies.

“Like physical risk, understanding and mitigating cyber risk is an important topic within the maritime
industry regardless of a port’s size. HACyberLogix is an innovative platform that can lead the way toward efficient cyber risk management,” said HudsonTrident Chief Executive Officer Cynthia Hudson. “We are excited to begin work with USTDA and the Fundación Tito Mella and use HACyberLogix on this important project in the Dominican Republic.”

Recipient of Lloyd’s List 2017 Digital Innovation Award, endorsed by North of England P&I, and powered by NTELX’s iDMX technology, the HACyberLogix platform uniquely combines more than 30 years of port and maritime risk management expertise with current cybersecurity expertise, capabilities, and best practices via an intuitive electronic interface that delivers meaningful cybersecurity guidance, insights, recommendations, and trend analysis capabilities to decision-makers.  Designed to foster collaboration across an organization, HACyberLogix informs where and how port and maritime organizations should best and most efficiently allocate precious resources, enables organizations to benchmark their cybersecurity capability progress over time, and helps organizations sustain their long-term cyber risk management efforts.

Max Bobys, Vice President of HudsonCyber, said, “Since inception, our goal has been to leverage
technology to provide high value-add knowledge, expertise, and guidance across the global port and
maritime industry at a reasonable and sustainable price point. We are looking forward to working with
USTDA as it promotes US industry and the Fundación Tito Mella as it assumes a leading role in the
Dominican port industry on the subject of cyber risk management.”

HACyberLogix also incorporates the latest cybersecurity standards from the US National Institute of
Standards & Technology, the Center for Internet Security’s Critical Controls, and the ISO / IEC 27001
guidelines. Even more, it aligns with the International Maritime Organization’s International Safety
Management and International Ship and Port Facility Security Codes, factoring in existing activities port and maritime stakeholders are already performing that are not readily identifiable as cyber-specific, but nonetheless support cybersecurity capability maturity.

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