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Arias B. & Associates is pleased to announce that Margareth J. Mosquera T. has joined the firm as Senior Associate

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Margareth Mosquera

Arias B. & Associates is pleased to announce that Margareth J. Mosquera T. has joined the firm as Senior Associate

We are pleased to announce to our esteemed clients and friends the addition of Ms. Margareth Mosquera as the new Head of our Maritime Litigation Department.

Our aim is always to assist our clients not only with ship registration, ship financing, and corporation services but also to ensure that during moments of distress, when you need an expert to handle your claim and minimize any loss, our Firm can continue helping you.

As leaders in Panamanian shipping services, we are committed to continue improving the level of services, including our Maritime Litigation Department.

As is the standard of our Firm, Ms. Mosquera is very much focused on the customer, listening to their issues and challenges, and finally meeting these with advice and resources unmatched in quality and functionality.

Herebelow is Ms. Mosquera’s biography:

  • Panamanian Lawyer with over 12 years of experience in Maritime Affairs.
  • Former deputy Director of the Panamanian Registry.
  • Expert in International negotiations and shipping registries.
  • Former representative of the Panama Maritime Authority on Top Level meetings worldwide and envoy to International Organizations.
  • Member of the Panamanian Association of Maritime Law (APADEMAR) and the BAR Association of Panama. Professor of Maritime Law at the University of Panama.
  • Author of shipping articles.

Margareth J. Mosquera T. born in Panama City in 1988. She is a specialist in Maritime Law who graduated top of her class as Suma Cum Laude from the University of Panama in 2011.

Ms. Mosquera has a Master in Business and Maritime Law from the Madrid (Spain) University of Comillas; a Master in Maritime Business with emphasis in Maritime Procedures, Conciliation and Arbitration, from the International Maritime University of Panama; a Master in Maritime Procedural Law with emphasis in International Maritime Law from the University of Panama. In this last LLM, Ms. Mosquera prepared drafting of lawsuits and agreements, presentation of trial cases, analysis of key legal decisions that must be followed in subsequent similar cases, as proper precedents.

In 2014 she was appointed Deputy General Director of Merchant Marine of the Panama Maritime Authority. During her tenure, Ms. Mosquera was a delegate at the Conference of the Parties in France, Peru and Morocco, where she led the negotiations related to shipping and defending the work that IMO has doing so far for reducing GHG emission from ships involve in international trade.

She has also liaised with the Ministry of Health and the Fisheries (ARAP) and has been instrumental in simplifying bureaucratic steps to obtain fishing licenses (including EU numbers) and licenses of support fishing activities for Panamanian ships.

During 4 years working at the Registry, she led the committee that designed, tested and implemented new systems, such as the new registry E-platform whereas the Registry is now issuing the electronic certificates from the Segumar and the ISPS Departments on line, thus saving millions of dollars in total to users by eliminating couriers, inconvenience and delays.

Looking to attract new ships to the Registry, she created the Business Intelligence Unit within the Directors Office at the Merchant Marine Directorate. Amongst other initiatives, there were also new incentives offered to new ships under construction; loyalty programs and discounts to large fleets and Green ships, etc. She also devised other technical projects including the In-House ASI inspections.

Ms. Mosquera negotiated on behalf of Panama the new contract with the providers of IMO numbers and worldwide shipping open source database, to ensure Panama had a fair treatment on the handling and publication of fleet statistics.

As a Deputy Director of Shipping, she advised the Ministry of Finance on extremely sensitive cases, such as foreign sanctions, that developed into top level visits to foreign governments.

These experiences have given Ms. Mosquera an insight and knowledge to deal with very delicate, confidential and high security cases successfully.

Ms. Mosquera is trained as a quality auditor and has participated in audits to Classification Societies belonging to the IACS group, as well as RO seeking Panamanian accreditation. She has represented Panama worldwide in major forums, as well as at IMO, ILO, etc.

Before becoming Deputy Director Ms. Mosquera was Senior Associate at AMYA Abogados in Madrid, Spain for almost two (2) years. During her practice there, Ms. Mosquera was involved in cases related to in personam and in rem proceedings, for instance maritime claims and liens, charter party’s conflicts; arrest of ships as well as appeals to enforcement measures such as injunctions, among others. Moreover, within Ms. Mosquera national (Panamanian) private practice, she dealt with not only ship registrations and finance matters, but also with maritime litigation.

Currently, Ms. Mosquera is Professor of Maritime Law at the University of Panama. Once of her academic achievements is the preparation of the thesis about best practices in teaching Maritime Law at Universities. She has a MSc Education (Higher Education) from the University of Panama.

Her broad experience in maritime matters covers cases of maritime litigation, administration and business, thus providing a comprehensive understanding and sensitivity in the maritime sector.

In her new post at Arias B. & Associates, Ms. Mosquera will be the Head of Department of Maritime Litigation. Publications:

  • “The Liability Limitation of the Owner or Ship-owner in the Private International Maritime Law”, Thesis 2011.
  • “The Maritime Credits and Economic Legal Problems”, Thesis post-degree 2012.
  • Contracts of Chartering to the light of the Panamanian Legislation: Rights and Obligations, published in the Judicial Magazine.

Author of the article:

  • Co-author of important articles for the magazine “The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Shipping Law 2013” and
  • “The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Shipping Law 2014” London, United Kingdom.

Fields of expertise: Maritime Law, Maritime Litigation, Administrative Law, Commercial Law and
Corporate Law.

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