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Fly me to the moon travel newsletter Volume 43

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Fly Me To The Moon Travel newsletter Volume 43

Dear Traveler,

As the season changes and we welcome new chapters in our life, it is time for new experiences and adventures! This is where we come in, to inspire you with our stories and to pave a way for new, exciting and rewarding travel experiences. 

In our “New Season Welcomes Glorious Experiences” issue we introduce the opportunity of exploring Greece in September, and why it is actually one of the best months to travel.

We often get asked— is Greece safe for solo travel? Absolutely! In our solo travel article we address the beauty of traveling solo in Greece and why September is actually the best time for this rewarding experience. As a matter of fact, in Greece you will never feel lonely. The people are delightful and the scenery is breathtaking.

Throughout the year Athens surprises visitors with an array of exciting events and happenings. The beautiful capital will dazzle even the most discerning travelers. Autumn is a terrific time to visit Athens for many reasons.

The high tourism peak of summer has passed, so the city is still plenty lively but the crowds have thinned out. The heat is sweet, but not overwhelming. It’s the ideal season for strolling and getting to know the city’s hidden corners. It’s also a great time for the highlights.

Do you want to explore one of the most extensive networks of hiking trails in all of Europe? Nature lovers are invited to discover the astonishing natural beauty of Andros and to participate in the 2nd Andros on Foot Festival which will take place this October.

Are you ready to start planning your Greek adventure?

Sincerely yours,

Elena Papanicolaou

Discover the Andros Routes

The second Andros on Foot festival will take place in October. It’s the perfect occasion, and the ideal season, to explore this fantastic island.

This northernmost island of the Cyclades, and the second largest (behind Naxos), has a discreetly aristocratic atmosphere. This is thanks to the elegance of the neoclassical architecture of Chora – Andros’ main town. And that, in turn, is thanks to its noble maritime history.

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 Solo Travel in Greece

Solo travel is wonderful and deeply rewarding- well worth experiencing. It provides a unique opportunity to reconnect with oneself, away from the obligations and associations of daily life. It can be an almost meditative experience.

But it need not be a lonely experience- if you are feeling sociable, solo travel is an excellent way to meet new people. It’s also a great way to connect to the local culture and people.

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 A Taste of Athens 

Athens is fantastic in September. The beautiful capital has the sweet sunshine of summer, combined with the energy and excitement of fall. It’s the ideal time to visit. As the warm weather lingers, the cultural scene is in full swing, with all kinds of exciting exhibitions and events.

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