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Petty Officer Michael W. Kelly receives the 2018 IMO Award for exceptional Brravery at Sea

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Petty Officer Michael W. Kelly of USCG, being warmly congratulated by IMO’s Secretary-General Kitack Lim

Petty Officer Michael W. Kelly* receives the 2018 IMO Award for exceptional Bravery at Sea

He was called upon and said:

“Good evening Ministers, Secretary General, Excellences, distinguished delegates It is an immeasurable honor to be recognized by the global organization that sets the standard for maritime safety and security.

Congratulations to the others receiving commendations for their brave endeavors.

Petty Officer Michael W. Kelly addressing the Assembly and guests

It is humbling to be in the company of so many souls who have devoted their lives to the safety and security of others.

Thank you very much for considering me for your prestigious award. I wouldn’t be here if it were not for the amazing skills of my crew. Their precision and focus allowed me to act as a tiny cog in the large process of search and rescue that we are all so passionate about and train for daily. There is nothing more precious than human life and we all strive to go home to the ones we love. It is comforting to know that all of the friends I have made here tonight, and their stories of  heroism and devotion to improving the maritime environment are just the tip of the iceberg. I look forward to hearing about your future innovations and acts of selflessness so we can all continue to go home to the ones we love. Thank you again for this honor. I’m truly humbled.”

He thanked also his wife in a very touching way.

Unique moments to report whilst Petty Officer Michael W.Kelly receiving the Award; colleagues from the USCG attending more than content and texting/spreading the news home

Some of his colleagues from the USCG were thrilled and you can see their reaction in the photo here. He received, alike fellow American  Joseph J. Angelo – who was the recipient of the 20118 International Maritime Prize, a standing ovation.

It was also a unique event as today’s media and capabilities managed to saw/bring us the live video from that rescue operation with the desperate fisherman, two of which couldn’t swim! Don’t ask of the weather conditions, the wind, the height of wave…. Bravo to Michael W. Kelly and many congratulations to the USCG for the training it offers to its personnel!

*Petty Officer Michael W. Kelly; Aviation Survival technician Second Class of the USCG (United States Coast Guard.

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