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Kennedys launches new technology driven company, Kennedys IQ

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Kennedys launches new technology driven company, Kennedys IQ

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Kennedys IQ, a new technology driven company that provides innovative solutions for insurance companies and large corporates to help them manage claims efficiently. 

Combining human and machine intelligence, the purpose of Kennedys IQ is to be “Kennedys, without the lawyers” and has been set up to focus on product development targeted at the needs of clients, rather than our own operating efficiency, and recognises that the future of legal services is not just about legal advice.

Offering organisations with claims a revolutionary blend of strategic and operational support, Kennedys IQ builds on our award-winning suite of software tools that are already in use with multiple clients around the world.

Kennedys IQ is the new home for these cutting-edge developments, which run off the new bespoke IQ Platform, supported by lawyers, technologists and claims experts. The goal is to help clients manage claims in less time, at a lower cost and with better outcomes.

Kennedys IQ Platform does this by pulling together multiple data points from Kennedys, clients and external sources and then using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to uncover claims trends and best practice, as well as insight into how your business is performing, what your competitors are doing, and what trends are emerging in the industry.

Featuring six smart tools that you can switch on and off to automate or manage your day-to-day claims process, the IQ Platform comprises: Incident ManagerFraud Detector (formerly Ki), Portal ManagerDefence Lawyer (powered by the award-winning KLAiM system), Settlement Negotiator (formerly Cybersettle) and Recovery Manager.

The IQ Platform also performs AI functions, such as predicting medical damages and making automatic settlement recommendations.

These tools are now powered by the new IQ Platform, meaning they are intelligent, always learning and optimising, and finding the most efficient and effective ways to get to the outcomes clients need.

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