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Artist Pledge – Works so far

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Spectral Type Star O in Glass_1_Glass in Box Frame_37.5x30cm_£200

Artist Pledge – Works so far

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many artists, including Glass Artist Kira Phoenix K’inan, have had events and exhibitions cancelled, as well as seeing sales disappear. Matthew Burrows (@matthewburrowsstudio) instigated the ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE (#artistsupportpledge).

THE CONCEPT – Artist’s post images of their work for no more than £200 each (not including shipping). Every time an Artist reaches £1000 of sales the Artist pledges to buy another Artist’s work for £200 or less.

Movement of Spectral Type Stars_Glass in Box Frame_37.5x30cm_£200

Whilst Kira is well known for her large glass sculptures, she has also been developing a new series of work for the joint exhibition with artist Hannah Pratt, The Colour of Starlight, that explore the vast array of colours of stars.

Of these works Kira says, ‘I had been wanting to work on a project that specifically explored colour, so when Hannah and I decided to create a joint show that used data to translate the colour of starlight, I wanted to use my knowledge of glass to develop something new. I chose to use Bullseye Glass as they offer glass that reacts with one another, which is similar to the chemical reactions that occur in the creation of stars, as well as tints that explore the colour qualities of Spectral Type Stars.’ Since the opening of the show in March, Kira has continued to develop this series of work, which she now offers for this pledge.

Colours of Spectral Type Stars_3_Glass in Box Frame_37.5x30cm_£200

To see more of Kira’s artwork that is part of this pledge follow this link

– https://www.kpkinanglass.com/artists-support-pledge

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