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Colour of Starlight connects London-based artists Kira Phoenix K’inan and Hannah Pratt.

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Left, Hannah Pratt and Right, Kira Phoenix K’inan

Colour of Starlight connects London-based artists Kira Phoenix K’inan and Hannah Pratt.

Kira brings together fine art, design, science and craft through glass sculptures, works on paper, installations and multi-exposure photography.

Kira’s practice is interested in processes that allow her to deconstruct the original form and through different creative processes she is able to reconstruct the work, further abstracting the form, giving the piece a new context.

Kira also explores the nature of drawing and how intertwisting each line creates works that are in a constant visual flux. 

Kira Phoenix K’inan with Constructure Series, part of The Colour of Starlight exhibition

For The Colour of Starlight, Kira has focused on developing a new series of framed glass work and drawings that explore the colour and forms of Spectral Stars.

There are seven main types of stars that are classified by their Spectral letters, O, B, A, F, G, K and M. They range from temperatures 28,000-50,000 K to 2,500-3,500 K and are made from a range of metals and oxides.

Where possible Kira has used glass that contains the same oxides as the Spectral Stars.



Starlight from Deneb, Hannah Pratt

Hannah’s practice sits between the subjects of art and science, finding new ways to link the two through collaborations and partnerships with artists and scientists. Working with creative practitioners – such as singers, musicians, and visual artists – helps to create a library of creative responses to contemporary astrophysical research.

Hannah’s particular interest lies in astronomy and how humans view the universe. She focuses on deep space spectroscopy, star cataloguing, star classification, and history of science. The nature of discovery often reoccurs in her work, specifically when looking behind the data and researching those responsible for life-changing discoveries.

Hannah Pratt Performace at 44 Hallam Street

For instance, what the universe is comprised of, the sounds of stars, and the women responsible for the success of the Apollo missions. For The Colour of Starlight, Hannah has been working with image recognition code to analyse the colour of the stars in her photography to create a brand new body of work responding the cosmos.



Sky Studies 1, 2 and 3 at The Colour of Starlight joint exhibition.

Glass Grid 1 at The Colour of Starlight by Kira Phoenix K’inan

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