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TT Talk – expecting much of the freight container

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TT Talk – Expecting much of the freight container

7 July 2020

The freight container’s simplicity and modularity has made it the mode of choice for the transport for as much as 25% of dry trade globally. This phenomenal position is underpinned by standards and expectations that have not been undone by the uncertainties of the current COVID-19 global pandemic or the financial crisis over a decade ago. Here we look at such standards and expectations.

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Peregrine Storrs-Fox
Risk Management Director, TT Club

Discussion of cargo worthy containers

The use of standardised containers for much of global trade has become second nature; the range of cargo types utilising such units continues to expand.

There is significant reliance placed by the various stakeholders on the overall integrity of the concept, some explicit and some implicit.



Containers do not just fall from the sky

TT Club has previously reported on incident experience whereby containers have dropped from lifting equipment during handling operations. Recurrence appears, as previously, to have nothing to do with the intrinsic quality of the corner castings. The reliability of the lifting process is critical.

Webinar: 15 July 2020 – 9:30am (GMT + 1)

Drones and autonomous vehicles:

the future… now?

Whether for inspections, operational support, transport or final mile delivery, drones and autonomous vehicles have been under development for many years. The capability of the underpinning technology exists, it is typically the confidence in acceptance of this technology by practitioners, regulators and the general public that has slowed progress.

This TT Club webinar will explore the current state of the art in the air, road and maritime modes, with Svilen Ragnelov (Dronamics),Pranav Manpuria (Flux Auto) and Hussain Quraishi (Wärtsilä) respectively. Our expert panel of speakers will consider the benefits this type of vehicle brings to the supply chain, the limitations of the current technology and the potential barriers to wider acceptance

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