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Inès Selma Kirane

Tribute to the Sea

Ralph & Russo Spring-Summer 21 Collection 

LA FUTURA, heralding a New Area of Fashion

by Inès Selma Kirane, BBA finance major at HULT International

 2020-2021 ready-to-wear collections are definitely being environmentally conscious and proudly announcing their return to Mother Nature’s spaces: the sea, the land, the sky. An amazing show by Ralph & Russo for their Spring-Summer collection, which starts with Poseidon’s roar of the Ocean, followed by uplifting beats. Diversity in model representation is also announcing a fully-inclusive Fashion Planet for the new decade. The setting is impressive. Noble materials – rich woods and stunning glass – are replacing the ‘suffocating’ carpet of the black velvety traditional runway. Fashionistas breathe fresh air thanks to displays celebrating the iodine of the oceans,, with emerging technologies (8D projections and holographs) as the prime artwork.

The colours are vibrant, radiating the warmth of the Hellenic sun on the Acropolis. A set of Mediteranean jewellery and a subtle reference to Saint-Tropez pom-pom fashion on sandals and totes is pairing voluptuous models. A strong reference to the trend set by JacqueMus (La Bomba), on natural fashion, revamping the power of nude silks, beige leather and other head scarves. This is upscaled with 90s tinted glasses and 60s pattern influences. The collection fades into neutrals, a big hit since Scandinavian influences in interior design, fashion and lifestyle came into force five collections ago. Hair of all colours, skins of all textures, and body of varied measures are representing a strong call of the forces of humanity: the Future is a Space for reinventing ourselves. Monochrome looks are being kept as the bible of elegance, democratised by the Kardashian-West dynasty.

Gold chunky and raw pieces are combing back, mimicking the waves eroding minerals, with refinement and femininity. No over-layering this season, the lines are being kept pure and sleek, yet the fabrics are vaporous and fresh: Ralph & Russo will definitely take over some of the crumbling market-share of the Fashion Trinity: Chanel, Dior, Hermes. R&R definitely belongs to the emerging forces of the Fashion chess game. Marie Helvin, an iconic figure of the 80s-90s is majestically showcasing Ancient Greek takes on vibrant tropical palettes. The Future is announced as a bright painting on the shores of the Mediterranean… The show closes on a chiaroscuro note, reminding us that the Sea will keep ever shining.

Closing theatrical clair-obscur scene of the show

Viewers can log herebelow and see the unique live show:

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