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Why digital currencies should be programmable

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Why digital currencies should be programmable

Wednesday 28 July 2021 – Vol.12 Ed.30.3

Commentary: CBDC systems should focus on programmable payments

By Wolfram Seidemann in Munich

Central bank digital currencies are close to being widely introduced and many thorny matters have been discussed in financial circles. These include developing secure infrastructure, questions around governance and mitigating adverse economic impacts. As public digital currencies rapidly transform from theory to reality, there is one important feature that needs to be examined: programmability.

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Meeting: Payment systems, digital currencies and reform in Israel

Wednesday 4 August, 14:00-15:00 BST

With the expansion of fintech, non-traditional players have entered the payments market. Central banks have responded by exploring regulatory frameworks that can both manage risk and foster innovation. They are also developing their own new tools, such as central bank digital currencies. Oded Salomy, director of payment systems at the Bank of Israel, discusses the new regulatory landscape, the role of the central bank and how Israel is approaching digital currencies.

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