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Appointment of Ambassadors for Asia and Southern Africa

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Appointment of Ambassadors for Asia and Southern Africa

The Baltic Exchange

The Baltic Expert Witness Association (BEWA) was established under the Baltic Exchange umbrella and forms part of the Baltic Exchange suite of maritime and related services.

The Baltic Exchange is a membership organisation with a long history, at the heart of the global maritime marketplace. As part of its wide commitment to the maritime industry, the Baltic Exchange fully supports BEWA. The two organisations share common ethics, purpose and history.

At its London base, the Baltic Exchange hosts the facility for expert witnesses to give statements via video conference link for hearings taking place in arbitration centres elsewhere in the world.
The Council of BEWA (the Council) has recently appointed Mr. Jagmeet Makkar, based in Hong Kong and Dr Julian Brown, based in Singapore and London as Ambassadors, Asia to cover Middle East to Japan. The Council has also appointed Capt Brendon Hawley, based in Cape Town, as Ambassador, Southern Africa. These 3 newly appointed Ambassadors will work closely with the BEWA Secretariat and the Council to promote the association through raising awareness of BEWA amongst lawyers, P&I Clubs and arbitration associations. The Ambassadors will also contact local maritime experts who may be interested in joining BEWA as Aspiring or Experienced Expert Witnesses.

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