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Remembrance Sunday

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Remembrance Sunday

The Day to remember all over Planet Ocean, as royals and politicians lay wreaths as nation remembers war dead.

For us in the Shipping Industry a significant Day as many of us lost in both World Wars – and other conflicts, many of our ancestors, grandfathers, fathers, brothers and sisters, neighbours, friends and relatives. The United Kingdom and Greece were the two nations losing hundreds of servicemen, servicewomen and merchant navy seafarers in all Seven Seas. A day also to remember for those who survived and told us the despicable things they faced…

With geopolitics at the worse ever point let as pause, think and act accordingly given the threats World Peace receives every minute…

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Anna Kaparaki November 15, 2021 - 11:13 PM

It is very sad that Remembrance Day was stigmatised by the appalling terrorist attack in Liverpool.


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