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Fathom World and Aronnax Podcast

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Fathom World and Aronnax Podcast

Stay on top of the transformation of the shipping and maritime sectors­
­January 23rd, 2022

Aronnax: Bound4Blue and beyond
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Hello again,
‘The valley of death’ is a phrase I have heard a lot. Scale-up companies that are moving beyond being a start-up to full commercialisation are often short of investment as their initial cash for R&D runs out, but the money from commercial sales has yet to gain momentum. As shipping faces huge challenges to reduce emissions and decarbonise new ideas and innovation is needed, and many incumbent suppliers in the industry are constrained by balance sheets to take the risks. While it is something of a cacth-22 situation there is hope as I found out talking this week with Spanish scale-up Bound4Blue which is developing and commercialising wingsails. Cristina and David, two of the co-founders talked openly and frankly about the work to put them in a place to be able to go through valley unscathed. Have a listen (or read the transcript!).

Talk soon,
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