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Fed presidents cautiously optimistic for a soft landing, and more

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Fed presidents cautiously optimistic for a soft landing

By Julian Jacobs

The central question facing the US economy right now is whether the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes will produce a hard or soft landing. Will the interest rate increases choke investment, employment and consumption, spurring recession? Or will the Fed be able to reduce inflation without sending the economy into a downturn? While consumer confidence is plummeting and most economists predict recession, there are strong cases to be made for both predictions.

 European banks exasperated by banking union failure
By Ellie Groves
At the second annual conference hosted by OMFIF and AFME on the financial integration of Europe, central bankers and policy-makers discussed the urgent need for banking union and the obstacles to achieving it. 
SARB on wCBDC, DLT and their role in future financial markets
Wednesday 6 July, Roundtable
With the recent publication of the South African Reserve Bank’s Project Khokha phase two report, Lyle Horsley, head of fintech at SARB, joins OMFIF to discuss the bank’s findings and thoughts on feasible next steps. 
 Next Generation EU with Siegfried Ruhl: one year later
The Next Generation EU fund – set up to help finance Europe’s recovery from the economic damage of the Covid-19 pandemic – has been operating since last June. Siegfried Ruhl, head of funding and investor relations at the European Stability Mechanism, speaks to OMFIF’s John Orchard about it. 
 Data: Towards a new age of economic enlightenment
As regulators and policy-makers work to balance protection and innovation in their evolving frameworks, this landmark report explores the use of data and its potentially transformative impact on developments in the global economy, financial services, the business community and society as a whole.

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